Warning about DVDSanta

do not and i mean do not ever buy or try dvdsanta it is the most worst program u can have. i am tryin to complete a dvd photo slideshow and the stupid program wont let me add any music this time but sometimes it will. the programmers just need to take the program off the shelf or download whatever u want to call it
by the way is there a dvd photoslideshow that actually does work out there

I got me this Ulead program, came with my videocard. Works great.

Yes one of the best programs for dvd photoslideshows is Adobe Premiere ! It’s very easy to use any one can learn to use it in a day or two and will do everything you want and end up with an incredibly high quality slideshow that everyone will love. :slight_smile:

You must be talking about Adobe premiere Elements coathi, because Adobe Premiere (just like this) is a well known professional application with the reputation of a long learning curve required to master it, but being considered one of the best.
Elements is a cut version and much more user friendly.

Try Proshow Gold.

Try ‘Q’ DVD-author it’s [B]free[/B]

No I was talking about Adobe Premiere Pro :slight_smile: