Warning about 107d 1.10 8x hack

Flash aka flashman on the firmware forum has just posted he has removed the 8x hack from the web site due to a problem with some media with 1x, 2x, 4x burn speeds. you need to scroll down a bit but i will post the url.

I have been advised that the patch removes the 1x, 2x & 4x burn functionality for some 4x media giving 6x and 8x only. I have yet to verify this but until such times I have withdrawn the firmware from my site.

I can comfirm that this firmware does infact remove the 1,2 & 4X speed options for 1x media and removes the 4x option for 2x media.


Update: March 7th 2004

>NIL: is looking into the 1x 2x 4x speed bug in the patch and while update the link above as he finds out. Also Flash has restored the 1.10 hack to website, but it still has the bug, what has been said is if you use 4x -r you will be ok for speeds, only when you use 2x or 1x media do you loose speeds. so there you have it.