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Currently I have any reason to assume that the market soon will be flooded with disc’s containeing.
TYG03 code or YUDEN000T03 code.
Mostly the media will be printable and comming from Hongkong.

However according to the lastest information we will see less hongkong 8x media with fake taiyo yuden code but we will see more with MCC code.
So people beware.

Incase of MCC I suggest to only buy verbatim/mitsubishi branded MCC disc’s.
Incase of Taiyo Yuden I suggest to only buy from respected stores and have a good look at the serials.

thanks for the heads up dakhaas, are they the infamous infosmart?

Infosmart is currently (ab)usseing MCC codes for there 8x media.
I only found the distributers for the fake TY’s and people beware because these folks like to present this stuff as real TY on some business pages.

More info might follow soon.

TY and MCC need to get together and sue the pants off of infosmart. :frowning:

iam petty sure they would, but Infosmart only copy the mid which doesnt appeare to be illegal.
and if it was wouldn`t all the people using the various tools avalible to change write strats be guilty of the same offence?

It seems that Ty allready has taken actions against infosmart that’s why we currently are not seeing any new disc’s with fake Ty codes comeing from Mirror,
Hyundai and that sort of brands.

Check the frontpage.FOR +R it is illegal for -R we don’t know.
I’m still waiteing on a official answer on that one.
But the truth is TY is talking about legal actions currently for -R.

From what I can gather it seems Taiyo Yuden can only take legal actions against trade laws which prosecute people who deceive consumers into believing they are buying genuine Taiyo Yuden product.

I think this is fair if the only thing the consumer has to go on is the MID (if they know what that is) and/or the retailer fraudulently markets them as genuine.

This is the dictionary definition of fake -
Fake: To contrive and present as genuine; counterfeit.

It’s like the AC Cobra (car) relicas. They are not fake as they market themselves as AC Cobra replicas. The real thing costs 4 times as much!

I think people should define themselves when talking about ‘fake’ Taiyo Yuden. They do license their code to others as well you know!

About licensing I’m not that sure. It might be a cover up.
Reason is that some of my contacts who should be prety aware of what TY does have said there was no licensing. These contacts have proofed 100% reliable.
On the other hand why develop autostrategy if your own media is excellent.

So anyone who has real evidence about outsourcing then let me know I mean real evidence. Because no one of the persons so far has dared to give me any digital or printed evidence. ( HEY MAM-E if your reading then where is my answer !!! You promised to answer my questions and I still don’t have them. So maybe this is the time to give me some real evidence.) :bigsmile:

I’m glad to see that TY is at least making an effort to do something about this. They don’t need their reputation damaged by a bunch of low-lifes.

If you buy your Ty media from Rima.com you will have no problems.

Or, Taiyo Yuden in Tokyo should start selling to end users directly just like Crucial.com of Micron has done for years. I once bought about 25GB Crucial DRAM via FedEx and Visa/Master. :slight_smile:

Good luck! They don’t even like talking to end users!


Slowly TY seems to understand that if they really want to do something against this that they also might need to better communicate.

So let’s hope that TY japan decides to start really communicating.
I can understand that they can’t mail back every user. But then at least use the site and other sides better.

How can u spot a fake what should i look for?

I was joking. Entire Japan of 120 million people doesn’t communicate to the Western world. To expect Taiyo Yuden to talk to end users is naive without understanding their culture first. South Koreans fly to Tokyo and speak Japanese to contact Taiyo Yuden and NEC directly.

Maybe you can ask Micron and Infineon to produce DVD-RAM and DVD+R(W)/-R(W) media as well. :bigsmile:


Buy the products most experienced and knowledgeable people living in your region on CDFreaks.com recommend strongly. Someone posted on the Newbie introduction thread and confessed (?) that he/she visited CDFreaks.com after meeting one of CDFreaks moderators at a local retail shop (was it BestBuy or something? have to go back to that thread.)

To name one, Fujifilm with YUDEN000T0* and TYG0* MIDs are reliable TY media.

However FUJI seems to stop selling TY soon.
Also FUJI TY quality fluctuates more as the other TY media.

If you can buy Plextor, Verbatim PASTEL (only pastel is TY).

About TY ignorance. Let me say this I comunicate with some other well known Japanese compannies and in a way from which TY can learn much.
Also the problem seems to be that every decision for TY needs to be done at Japan.

TY’s not a well-known Japanese company. :slight_smile:

True, compared to the other compannies I was reffering to. :slight_smile:

Damm…if only could sell at Portugal…

It`s almost a quest, for the “Holly Graal”…

TY, where are you?