Warning 1693s f/w KSOB and ritek dual layer nothing but bad burns

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R-DL:RITEK-D01-001]

I have a unmodified 1693s with f/w KSOB

I have reset learnt media
burned 3x at 2.4
Burned 2x at 4x
doesn’t really matter the disk are not readable in the burner or external sony DVD player. Kprob I’m to embarassed to even post the results pi (in the1000’s pif in the 100’s)

so I have basicly thrown away $30 down the trash. :a
Now on the other hand my 1635 burns these disc and they are passable but not great. So my question is the 1693 just not a good dual layer burner or are these disc crap.

I bought some Verbatim DL’s and the burn great on My 1635 I haven’t tried the verbatims on the 1693 butl I’ll let you know what I find next.

Unfortunately the Riteks are not good media. Use the Verb DL instead. They are considered the best +R DL here in the forum. Also if you are using Nero to burn, Nero doesn’t do well with the layer break. Use ImgBurn with the 1693 using the Verb DLs.