Warner unveils the DVD Album, its successor to the DualDisc

I just posted the article Warner unveils the DVD Album, its successor to the DualDisc.

        As some may remember, Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio  were two formats battling to take over the Audio CD, with much superior  audio quality, not to mention surround sound capabilities...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12197-Warner-unveils-the-DVD-Album-its-successor-to-the-DualDisc.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12197-Warner-unveils-the-DVD-Album-its-successor-to-the-DualDisc.html)

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:r If DualDisk was a smart, timely idea, now ppl will have no clue what it is and what to do with it. It was nice to buy a fav CD and get some extras on the other side. I mean something will play on DVD player, but the rest is compressed DRM infected garbage, and one can only guess what it will install on the PC. Frankly, I dont know how these people do market research. In the light of HD formats I suppose they just throw crap on ppls heads and watch who will get excited. Cheers.

I was excited…then I read DRM :c This is going to fail so fast it will make UMD look like a huge success. :d

Dualdiscs were mainly successful because people could play the Cd just about anywhere and then if curious play the DVD side. VERY CONVENIENT. This new format sounds like a pain in the ass. This will be a total niche product that will find it’s way in the same (small) section where the super audio CD and DVD-Audio discs are…

they can kiss my ass!!!

lies, lies, lies and more lies.

With all of this content it makes you wonder how much it’ll cost. A regular cd averages about $13-14 so this will cost what…$25 maybe? What artist out there deserves that type of money? None, absolutely none. Not only will it be a bunch of sound-alike crap, but it’s going to be DRM’ed too. You would think this was a Sony (Betamax, UMD discs, etc.) idea considering how it’s going to crash and burn

Ah yes - the magic acronym - “DRM” - another new product in response to the paranoia of the record companies at the expense of the customer. Let’s start a lottery - I say it will hit the new ideas dust bin within 9 months. It certainly won’t ever cause me to buy one.

Anyone know the bitrate and format of the compressed audio that can be ripped?

I would assume this has something to do with the recent talk of Warner trying to work out a license with Apple iTunes to distribute tracks with the Apple DRM. It makes sense that if Warner is going to include DRM’d music it would be using the most popular option available (ipod compatibility).

The smart thing to do would be to include tracks compatible with both the Ipod and WMA DRM players.

If it doesn’t have a standard CD side, it will fail, but it will also hasten the demise of all “next gen” audio formats as it divides and confuses the market even more. People want to play their CDs in the car. In-dash DVD players are not that common (for that matter, in-dash mp3 capable CD players are just starting to get a respectable market share)