Warner to cut Blu-ray catalog prices

I just posted the article Warner to cut Blu-ray catalog prices.

Warner Home Video recently unveiled a plan to cut Blu-ray catalog title pricing to as low as $11 for retailers via a rebate program. There were no specific dates provided for the impending program,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14874-Warner-to-cut-Blu-ray-catalog-prices.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14874-Warner-to-cut-Blu-ray-catalog-prices.html)

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Huh? What? Let me see if I’m getting this right. Warner sells Blu-ray movies to the retailers for $11 and then the retailers sell them to us for $20. Yeah, great plan. I have a better plan, though. I’ll buy the same movies on DVD for $8.99 each. No, wait. I have an even BETTER plan. I use my bittorrent program to get those movies and then burn them to DVD-R for 25 cents. Now the retailers get $0 and Warner gets $0. Nice greed, boys. Yeah, let’s run with that.

Why dont you just rape girls and kill people because you can, hell its easier to steal money than work. Its a business to make MONEY if you had your own you would know that.

yeah agree with Rob. You don’t wine about all other things you buy in the shops right. All products have margins on top of their manufacturing costs. The price cutting seems reasonable, looking forward to buy some new movies on high quality. And I am sure it will reach regular DVD prices soon.

20 to 25 on all BD Titles will entice me to start upgrading on newer releases and hardware needed. I will say this would be a good plan as long as other studios follow.

@ Rob

Rape girls? Kill people? WTF are you on about? We’re talking about movies, not rapists high on crack.

@ Azrit

So, you think companies should make obscene amounts of profit? You don’t get angry when you fill up your gas tank at $5 a gallon? If you could download gas for free, would you do it? If Warner sold the movies for $11 and the retailers sold for $16, then maybe I’d get on board. Yes, companies do need to make a profit, but they don’t need to gouge consumers in the middle of a recession.

I’m sure some retailers like Amazon would put them on sale closer to their cost then other stores. Places like Amazon and Walmart often go below the manufacturers suggest retail price. 300 already goes on sale all the time on amazon for less than 20, so if they lower the cost on that, i’m sure amazon would make it even cheaper.

Who’s buying Blu-ray titles ?

i have 105 Blu-ray

I have about 75.

It’s incredible the discussions that sometimes people start. The article states that the retail prices will go to $11. Then it says that this will allow retailers to sell Blu-Ray movies at below the $20 mark. It doesn’t say they will be sold at $20, people, it actually says it will be below $20! So, what’s the problem?

One of Murphy’s Laws (at least the ones on the Murphy’s Laws desktop calendar) says: “If an item is advertised as less than $50, you can bet it’s not $19.99”.

This probably correlates to the Blu-ray disks being sold at pretty close to $20.

LOL…For $11 I get about 9-10 BluRay’s. I feel sorry for you people paying retail prices.

ok the rape and kill was too far but funny. But companies make obscene amounts because they move an obscene amount of product. You also have to relize that in one area they make large but in others they lose. Futures shop in canada sells the panny pz800 for 3500 +/- and they get it for 2500. where is the logic, we make here lose here and in the end its a business…look at how much toshiba lost due to hd-dvd. the movie theaters rape us for popcorn and drinks because they make nothing on ticket sales. 10 bucks canadian to watch a movie is not bad…its when you get the rest that your screwed. go to a hockey game or baseball you get ripped on the beers its a business. I guess im just saying if you think something is worth it you will pay if not you wont. people dont buy ALL the movies just the ones they think are worth the 30 bones. plus with ebay and amazon movies and all products are cheaper than in-store.

Myself I only have a small collection of 20 but i got my player not too long ago and will buy the movies i like when they come out. THE MATRIX TRILOGY better hurry up and come out soon! along with armageddon. yes im a matrix freak. say what you want.

Hmm, I got most of my blu-ray titles on ebay for $4-5 shipped! :smiley:

If the price goes down to $11 or whatever below $20 I’m sure I can get it on ebay for far less!! :cool:

$20 sure sounds a lot better than the current average price of $35.

@ferd I’m sorry but what you say makes no sense. Or rather that that Murphy guy laws are way overrated. Don’t you know there’s competition and all that?
To start with, nothing is being advertised at below $20. The article simply says that retailers are now in a position to be able to offer those products at below the $20 mark.

With retailers having to pay a lot less than they pay now, it’s obvious that they will be in a much better position to dramatically lower their prices. Of course some will try to sell for $20 (or more) but others will not. Take Amazon, for example. Do you seriously think they will put their prices at the top range?
Anyway and as always, let’s see what happens. I foresee that, by year’s end, the anti Blu-Ray mob will have dropped this “Blu-Ray is too expensive” thing and will move to something else. Probably the “gas is too expensive, nobody will buy Blu-Ray” one. :wink:

Average price of $35!??! Where do you shop at? I suggest stopping and start doing your business online! try amazon or deepdiscount! 35!!! thats like the ripoff price the charge at Canadian electronics dealers :slight_smile: