Warner releasing combo DVD- HD-DVD discs on May 9th

I just posted the article Warner releasing combo DVD- HD-DVD discs on May 9th.

Well here we go! Warner is taking the plunge and is to begin offering a movie  disc that has all the bases covered. They have a standard DVD movie on one side and  on the other side is a...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11768-Warner-releasing-combo-DVD--HD-DVD-discs-on-May-9th.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11768-Warner-releasing-combo-DVD--HD-DVD-discs-on-May-9th.html)

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that’s not that bad - you can wach it if you don’t have hd-dvd player and when you get one you can get the highest quality

Still too overpriced. I’ll wait until the HD and BluRay players fall to the current level of DVD players before making any changes.

$29- 40US per HD-DVD?! No thanks,I’ll stick with regular DVD.

Great !!! I was fearing they would start editing movies already in the market and driving you to buy them in the new format (probably owning the same DVD title), but I’m quite surprised because they are going to start with brand new films, that will offer you image quality and seem to meet high cultural standards…just look at the announcement and run to the shops…to leave yourself backwards watching stories for dummies…take the chance to help youself and to improve your inner life!!!

Hmm, will the “DVD-Side” be dual layer or single layer? I can’t find it in the article…

well if you can cough up a few thousand bucks for a 1080p LCD then what does an extra $500 matter - change :S

That is a smart move. They are hoping to grab a hefty chunk of the market share and be way ahead of the rival format. Although pricing bites. I would probably spend an extra buck for HD side, not more. See, it is kinda lottery. Yes, u get an HD version, but who can garantee Toshiba will not evolve into a Beta. P.S. Single layer DVD side is nice, makes easy to backup your purchased content!:d

It is rare to see DVD 18 due to the low yield from manufacturing process. And the longetivity is not as good as single side discs. Will HD-DVD version get better?

xpensive Disx

Don’t forget these movies will be re released with better audio and video before most of us will have a HD DVD player, or a Combo HD DVD/Blu-Ray player. I will not do the double dip game again. Granted I only did it twice on DVD for T2 and Black Hawk Down.