Warner Music now using Copy Controlled

Hi all

Thought you would all like to know that Warner Bros records is now using Cactus Data Shield (any variants probably the latest) or simply known as Copy Controlled on their soundtrack cd’s (V for Vendetta).

I tried to use the latest version of EAC to remove the data track but it looks like the new version has removed this feature. So i just used CloneCD to dupe it minus the copy protection then ripped them off in mp3 format to the computer.

Anyone have any guides on removing Copy Controlled protection in the latest version of EAC.


I could be wrong but I think that’s largely dependent on your hardware. For instance, my Pioneer seems to handle Cactus Data Shield much better than my other drives (currently and previously in use) and makes perfect rips of most of them in secure mode EAC.


I have two dvd burners, but only use my Pioneer DVR-110 to burn and dont always choose maximum speed. I think EAC has changed. Ive just discovered I can use ISOBuster to do the same thing, then encode them to MP3.