Warner lowers DVD-Audio suggested retail price

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Medialinenews.com reports that Warner Music Group is lowering the suggested retail price (SRP)of its DVD-Audio titles. They will lower the prices with 35 percent and hope that the lower prices will…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4076-Warner-lowers-DVD-Audio-suggested-retail-price.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4076-Warner-lowers-DVD-Audio-suggested-retail-price.html)

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So now we can choose between a normal audio CD for $16 to $18 or a DVD-Audio disc for $16 to $18. Hmm. At least SOMEBODY figured it out.

what exactly are the benefits of dvd-audio?

I’m not sure of the exact specs but DVD audio can do much richer sound. It can have sound in many channels like DVD movies insteead of just stereo. Since most of us are content with MP3 quality sound DVD audio might seem like somewhat of an overkill but I’m sure the quality of a classical piece will blow you away if you have a nice system. Still at 18 bucks a pop it is a bit too rich for my blood

What’s the difference between CD and DVD-audio? http://www.howstuffworks.com/question344.htm

This really belongs in a forum but I’ll try to explain the difference in very short & easy terms. Here goes: (pardon my typo’s) - We r talking about Audio here. Cd’s specs are 16 bit 44.1khz. That means that the highest possible frequency is 22050 cycles per second. though none of us hear that, if you take it away, it definitely changes the tenure of an instrument. DVD is 24 bit 192khz {2 channels} AND 24 bit 96khz {6 channels} & either a Dolby Digital track or a DTS track in full 6 channels for playback on equipment that does not support the DVD-A specs. In stereo, youll have the highest frequency being 96000 cycles per second & in 6 channel sound: 48000 cycles per second. The bits are kinda lik this: If close your eyes & then peak for a very briefmoment at the room your in then close your eyes again: then you have taken a mental picture of where you are. Now you can recall it in your mind. BUT if you repeat the exact same procedure but keep your eyes opened about2 seconds longer. The picture in your mind will be much more vivid & detailed just becuase you took a longer look at the same room. 24 bits is a longer look, sonically. All I can say is that I have at least 85% of every dvd-a there is to buy. It is amazing. I do recording professionally at the 24 bit 96khz rate & it is far superior to cd quality. The very best new tweak is to up sample your regular Cd’s from 44.1khz to 88.2khz or 96khz. The difference is unbelievable. You’ll rediscover your cd’s all over again. In my opinion, the DVD-Audio sounds much better than a super audio cd & has way more features since it is in the DVD family of options. The disks to get are: E,L&P - Brain Salad Surgery; Miss E. Elliot; Stone temple pilots & the new controversial 6 channel completely remixed “Bohemian Rhapsody” which is found on the “A Night At The Opera” DVD-A.

Here’s my take — the RIAA zealots have hit upon the idea if peeps are intelligent enough to compress regular good-sounding CD files to MP3 files, while not “trick” them into buying DVD audio where the DVD files are many times larger, and hence “hopelessly” too large to compress somehow for downloading! I see it all clearly now — the RIAA are the devil’s own stooges and just drooling for an opportunity to annoy the rest of us! :slight_smile:

stvastva I guess you hit the nail on the head and a reduction in frequency will change the timbre on an instrument, which may worry you if you were a music loving dog, but for the average listener it’s not really a problem. those are the people that buy most music, the average listener, music companies won’t make muck money catering just for the audiophile…:7

@stvastva How do Audio CDs benefit from upsampling? There can’t be more musical info because you can’t invent it?! Can you give me an explanation on how this works?