Warner Home Video to stop piracy in China by selling discount DVDs?



I just posted the article Warner Home Video to stop piracy in China by selling discount DVDs?.

 RTV71 used  our news submit to tell  us: 'žSo piracy helps to reduce prices. Hmmmmm." , and if we take a look into the  article he spotted for us over at CNN  News, then it seems that this is...
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omg, how will Warner make money… too funny


cheeky B*****ds and i suppose they wont be making a prophit at that price either this is what i have said for years now if only they all would drop the prices to that sort of price globally they would wipe piracy out more or less and their sales would hopefullly increase by around 10 fold beacause everyone would buy the original and if they gave the consumer the option of a modist price say $5 for a disc with the extra’s on people would at last have a choice ah well… that’s another universe im talking about where the corparate’s dont rule that world :g


Now all they have to do is ploy this idea in the west, maybe slightly increasing the price to the recommend price of $5 (as posted above), and we’re all as happy as a dog with a tin dick. :slight_smile:


Whats stopping western countries from importing these cheap originals? As long as they have English language these would be fine.


I disagree about wiping out piracy. When you get movies available months before their store date, for instance Shrek 2 retail dvd was available at least 8 months before it hit the stores, Elf around 10 months. Where is the incentive for people to wait until official store dates when this happens?


Quote: "As for how Warner would justify charging U.S. consumers far more for DVDs, I don't that's an issue,'' Caldwell said.I think that historically, prices of entertainment around the world have always been different country to country.’’ Hum… let’s see what the European Commission has to say about that… now’s a chance for those guys to make themselves really popular with the European people, so long as somebody muzzles Mme Fourtou first (maybe we can prove she’s having an affair with Orin Hatch or something? :d )


This article just goes to show you how much profit is made on DVD’s. Kinda sad really. Also, I’m sure this is a temporary price change. They will introduce these rock bottom prices for a year or so to compete with pirated copies. People start buying originals instead of pirated copies, therefore lowering the demand of pirated titles and shrinking that market. After they see noticable results, they will raise the price little by little to put more in their pockets, while watching the sales figures to make sure they haven’t gone too far.


well as for titles being out in other countries first is in itself the movie companys fault in the first place i mean wave a red flag to a bull and your asking for it it was said a couple of years ago taht movies in the charts 1 to 10 should have a global release date but can you tell them anything ??? the rest is history …


If they can switch over X amount of people from buying pirates, that is just $2.65x more money that they otherwise wouldn’t be making in the first place! The problem is that they aren’t making any money [I]now[/I]!


“earlier availability” Pirates have the movies out before there even in theatres! “better quality” My pressed movie DVD’s never seem to last as long as the shitty cheap DVDs the I get for 20 cents a piece. Makes me wonder what kind of cheap shit they use. It’s known that Pirated DVDs are usually better quality (except the CAMs) “assured quality” See Above. “More sophisticated retailing” Pirates have some of the most sophistimecated setups around. “the fact that it’s the real thing” I thought that the movie/music industry was bitching about DVDs since copies of the data is the exact same as the original, aka the real thing. Besides DVDs are really only low quality copies of the master reels they make anyway. “that we can compete.” Sadly as long as people fall for the above propeganda this will remain true.
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In all honesty, if you look at DVD overhead as only the cost of the disc, packaging & pressing, then it costs about $2 to make a disc. Since the movie studios already make their money back in the American & European markets, they can afford to sell the discs at next to nothing (or even at a loss) as they are trying to break into a market where they aren’t selling anything at all. If they sold new DVDs for $3 in the US, the market would collapse. Use your head people… $15-$17 is VERY fair for a movie. Get a job and stop whinning. And get use to the idea that minimum wage won’t afford you luxuries (ex: DVDs) hence the term MINIMUM WAGE.
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‘Use your head people… $15-$17 is VERY fair for a movie.’ you forgot something that even us salary wage working stiffs care about in that statement , u should have added ‘good quality’ movie in proper HD format w/ DTS … that price is fine for me if the supply the needs I have for my samsung 42" 16:9 DLP… but the studios don’t care about quality or end-user positive feedback… it all comes down to the almighty dollar, and hollywood studios are getting too greedy, plain and simple… where are all these features (not just directors comments and 8 different languages subtitles for a DVD… i want as a consumer as most others do, high resolution, close to the original master copy, quality DVD’s , not some VHS quality dub put on to a DVD…(for example, the Indiana Jones DVD set, what a sham, the quality is terrible, I thought Lucas Studios would at least remaster or clean up some of the artificats, nope its just like watching a S-VHS tape) there is a reason 8.5 gigs is available and it’s not to simply add crap ass features that i could care less about except on the occasional classic like Scarface or Casino I buy quality DVD’s… im a loser i know it, but I equally build my collection through netflix.com and keep those craptastic movies ‘backed’ up for 30cents on a Taiyo disc’s… hell if i’m going to spend part of my meager 45k a year on over-priced, poor quality pop-age movies


Movie release is a two edged Sword, if a Movie is to have a world wide release date then a print is needed for every theater it is to be shown in! Digital is lowering the costs gradually, but the cost is still there, in the case of a blockbuster movie it is a drop in the bucket compared to advertising, but where other titles are concerned I can see that distributors have a point about delayed releases in other countries, still the costs should be evened out so as to allow release dates world wide to be closer together. We find that some movies are released for rental on DVD in the US months before they are released for screening here (Aus), how can they blame us for buying pirated movies when that’s the only way of we have of seeing it now! Wait you say, well all the advertising tells us not to wait, have it now! If you don’t have the cash put it on the Credit card! If they don’t want us to desire the candy then don’t put it on the register under our noses! There was a time when we (Aussies) would watch the Oscar’s and never have heard of the nominees, let alone had the opportunity to watch any of them! (it is still the case with Emmys, although the internet and bittorent is helping there!)