Warner Home Video announces its 1st line up of Blu-ray titles

I just posted the article Warner Home Video announces its 1st line up of Blu-ray titles.

Home Video, which already has several HD DVD titles on the market, has just announced its
first line of Blu-ray Titles. On August 1st, they will release four

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12085-Warner-Home-Video-announces-its-1st-line-up-of-Blu-ray-titles.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12085-Warner-Home-Video-announces-its-1st-line-up-of-Blu-ray-titles.html)

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yay more crap movies for a realy expensive thing

before people start complaining SRP are suggest retail prices 99% of the time they are much lower then this. Look at best buy right now and it’s prices on Blu Ray and HD-DVD movies most arn’t this bad.

Those prices are not too bad. About like it was when the regular DVD’s first came out. I was expecting them of pricing these around 50 or 60 USD.

why not release something that was actually filmed in HD, like maybe final fantasy? none of this film crap is just upsampled…geez. If I want to see details I do not want to see blurs cause they did not know how to handle a mole or something!

Heh! Heh! He said Titles. :B
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The fact that WHV is doing both HD-DVD and Blu-ray just shoots down the notion that Blu-ray was a technology too expensive to implement. It obviously wasn’t.

Film is better than HD TV/DVD. Shooting in HD may be done because it is cheaper or in some aspects easier to deal with than film especially when much computer generated content or editing is used. In any case, the HD TV/DVD quality depends largely upon the encoding (given a decent source) and reportedly some of the current titles are not being done well but then neither were SD DVD’s when they were first released.

Gee, I dunno… the margins are so fat it’s more a case of huge profit or ever so slightly less huge profit. It is certainly an almost insignificant hedge to release on both formats.