Warner cuts film production with 50%

I just posted the article Warner cuts film production with 50%.

At the beginning of 2008 we were shocked with Warner’s withdrawal from HD DVD and wanted to know what the studio’s plans for this year were. Yesterday Jeff Bewkes, president and CEO of Warner…

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“To see the studio’s income growing Bewkes believes they need to focus on Blu-ray adoption and need to expand the distribution of both VoD and DVD simultaneously.” VoD sucks, plain and simple. Rogers can’t even get SD video going about 20% of the time, especially during peak times. Blu-ray? Yeah, let’s put all our efforts into overpriced discs. With the price of food and gas at an all-time high and the US economy right on the edge of the toilet seat, this is a fantastic idea. The only viable solution is to stick with what people know, and that’s DVD. I guess there’s nothing left to do now but wait for BluBalls and johnzap to come by and say the exact opposite to what I just said. :+

Come on, you do know that purchasing Blu-Ray can have very good results for everybody, don’t you? Better to spend more money on Blu-Ray and less on food or gas. By doing that you’ll eat less and you’ll get less fat. And spend less on gas and more on a bike, or something = a healthier body and a lot less polution. And, finally, with the great Blu-Ray HD viewing experience: less strain on your eyes; again a more healthier experience. Blu-Ray, the healthier choice. You know it makes sense! ™ :slight_smile:

@ johnzap “Better to spend more money on Blu-Ray and less on food or gas… Blu-Ray, the healthier choice.” I just bought a gun, and I’m on the edge. :slight_smile:

Let’s all go Blu-ray, we get half the amount of movies we used to get before on DVD but quality is better, at least for the image depicted. No word about if the movies will become any better than the standard action / comedy rubbish constantly pushed as “major titles”… Cut in half the ridiculous wages of those overpaid mediocre actors/actresses and you’ll be fine making things cheaper, keep up with the amount of releases and we get to eat and drive around which ever way we want…

They should improve quality of the movies, before about 2 out of 3 movies made in Hollywood were great , now … I would say 1 out of 10 or so.

Well, would be great to see the list of those 36 movies… I suspect we cannot find 3 decent out of 36. And to be honest I belive there will be just more and more budget movies, of course at a horrorific price… Hollywood should think a while what people are really looking for. Today’s movies are not such that many want to watch. Latelly I’ve been to cinema twice a week, just to see what they offer. Well, watched 15 movies last two months, 10 were terrible, 3 were avarage, one was acceptable and one was good. Quite a bad result if you ask me. I remember there were much better movies back in the 80’s… /even the latest Indiana Jones was a big disapointment for me… it looks ok, but the story is totally bullshit, ok I know it’s not a Warner production, but…/

Half the theatrical releases? More straight-to-Blu-ray cheapo releases? Blu-ray, it’s just a cynical exercise in getting the movie studios and parts of the CE industry more of your money for teh same old cr@p.