Warner cuts deal with BitTorrent to sell movies P2P



I just posted the article Warner cuts deal with BitTorrent to sell movies P2P.

 Finally,  someone has decided to use the excellent BitTorrent system as a means of distribution and sale of legal  movie files. But alas, the plan seems flawed, as they are  the same...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11820-Warner-cuts-deal-with-BitTorrent-to-sell-movies-P2P.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11820-Warner-cuts-deal-with-BitTorrent-to-sell-movies-P2P.html)

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OMG!!!:+:+ :r


what a load of RUBBISH!!! same price for a drm’d movie that you can only play on that pc. its like saying here’s a ford, it has no wheels or engine and its the same price as that fully working ferrari. why dont you understand that this isnt what people want warner??? give us drm-free HD 720p/1080i/1080p x264 downloads for a little cheaper than the dvd then you will get alot of sales, but until then this will NEVER work!


there pricing is a huge joke allso with drm i think they just don’t get it. i think the one that came up with this smoked a few two many


more to the point if im paying for online content im not going to act as warners server as well and upload making there job easier unless its really cheap.


Besides DRM and pric issue , why would anyone spend his upload traffic helping Warner sell their movies ? If they want to sell over the internet - they are welcome to put FTP server and pay for bandwidth.


I do not understand ? It’s P2P distribution but you have to pay Warner for the movie ?


well if there would be a system where you can benefit price wise considering the uploaded data such as every few hundred uploaded MB’s would cut price down by a $


They are taking the right step forward with finally realizing technology like BitTorrent can work to their advantage. Too bad they have already fallen hard with the other crap that doesn’t make it worth purchasing.


What an abolute croc of sh*t :r I won’t be the sucker who downloads a movie that I can only watch on 1 PC. But to answer the above and the author, a service like this will likely have multiple “fixed” seeders around the web so they don’t need to rely on the downloaders to be seeders. And, as all bit torrent users know, if you download you upload too, whether you are paying for it or stealing it… so don’t start complaining about wasting your upload limit on this, you already do when you use bit torrent today.


Sounds like BS to me too… Close all the bit torrants down. that will weed out the dead end users from the real pirates…


" so don’t start complaining about wasting your upload limit on this, you already do when you use bit torrent today." Why ? I have to pay the same as for the physical product, I have to manage my DOWNSTREAM and yet to share it back ? They gotta be kidding, right ? Who’s that idiot who will pay a fast line to download something for the same price as in the stores ? Not to mention about the upload. Bittorent is popular as the stuffs are FREE, you have to manage your ratio only, and you get the stuff. (that’s the meaning of SHARING and so uploading) But to pay for something and yet to waste my INET resources on that, bah, makes me wonder who will be using this shit. :frowning: Anyway, as someone mentioned, they should build up some nice FTP’s and not rely on Bittorent, especially when they need us only as seeders. (for free :D)


Someones dreaming and getting paid for it ZZZZ!!!zzzz!!!ZZZZ!!!zzzz!!! WAKE UP!!!


I realize people do not like DRM as it is invasive and restrictive. However if TimeWarner launched this product with reasonable pricing (Less than a DVD rental) I would consider it, as I could watch it on my TV and delete it after, and not feel like I was ripped off. However, in its current distribution form and cost, I don’t see anyone using it.