Warner Bros unveils made to order DVDs

I just posted the article Warner Bros unveils made to order DVDs.

Drawing on its library of classic movies and old television shows, Warner Bros has launched a made-to-order DVD service. The new service taps in on Warners’ large archive of content, opening up…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15705-Warner-Bros-unveils-made-to-order-DVDs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15705-Warner-Bros-unveils-made-to-order-DVDs.html)

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great idea

What?! No made-to-order Blu-ray?!

I agree, this is an awesome idea. I wish more studios would do this, making those very hard-to-find movies available. Sure beats downloading a crappy VHS transfer.

Not only does it beat downloading a crappy VHS transfer, but it beats PAYING FOR a crappy VHS transfer. The downside??? They will only ship to U.S. addresses!!! Aaaaaaargh!!! Don’t they realise that restricting the sale of these movies only increases the likelihood that they’ll be bootlegged for non-U.S. movie fans? Are they completely stupid?

Yes, yes they are. Just like recording companies limiting sales of their audio CDs by releasing them exclusively to one retail chain. Plus the price is too high.

:iagree: Offering international sales will be better for them and consumers alike. I don’t think they’ve even considered how rare American classics are outside of the US and that there’s certainly a market for it.

Having a made-to-order disc is the ultimate “cool” factor for the discerning film collector. :smiley:

I like the idea. Wish other studio follow it.

heh heh… now the studios are going to be burning DVD’s and selling them… I knew the day was coming.
Now you don’t have to download or buy those crappy unofficial VHS to DVD transfers… you can pay Warner $19.95 to transfer the VHS for you!! WHAT A DEAL!!!


Your better off grabbing the freebies or paying someone a few bucks to transfer it… but let me guess… you want that official WB burnt disc to add to your collection…