Warner Bros. tries quick DVD release in China to stem Piracy



I just posted the article Warner Bros. tries quick DVD release in China to stem Piracy.

    Last week, the Warner Brothers film studio released the DVD "The  Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" in China on the same day it debuted in  U.S. theaters. The company is testing...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10418-Warner-Bros_-tries-quick-DVD-release-in-China-to-stem-Piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10418-Warner-Bros_-tries-quick-DVD-release-in-China-to-stem-Piracy.html)

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well it’ll give the chinese pirates an edge over their european counterparts for getting a quality source to copy from as soon as a film is released… :+


I think this is a great step in the right direction. I would much rather watch a movie in the comfort of my home for a cost of $15-20 than waste $10 on a noisy crowded theater, with every one talking, getting up in front of you, etc.


I must say I agree with you Wiz128. Although I am the first to d/l a dvd-rip or a good quality telecine of a new movie, its much cheaper to just buy the damn thing than going to the theatres. yesterday some prick kept on kicking the back of the seats, and I had spent $35.00 at the cheap theatres!!! New DVD is oh…$20.00 or so?:o


If the movie theatres want to try something new then I would suggest “THEY” make the movie avaliable for download to the consumer once it’s ready for release. If they offered a quick download at a decent quality and sold it at a fair price like say $10 dollars at most then I think everyone would win. It would save them big time because they wouldn’t have to make the dvd and then distribute it through all the channels. They also wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of sending the film out to the theatres and collecting it’s share of those revenues. It’s a win win for everyone. (other than the movie theatre’s).


duh didn’t mean “movie theatre” meant movie makers. Man don’t post until you’ve had that 2nd cup of coffee


I just wondered if the DVD and home theaters could spell the end of visiting a public theater? I very seldom go these days for the reasons described in the other comments. Couple that with simultaneous releases, who knows?


Seems nobody really understand the root of the problem:S No matter how soon they can release the DVD, the pirate rate will not be decreased. :wink:


Piracy will always exist in some form that I can promise you. The main reason for piracy is it’s FREE or Cheap and you get it when you want it. On some pirated good’s there are no protection’s like when you buy music cd’s or video game backups, etc. People will always rebell against laws of all forms or shapes just ask yourself has crime really gone away?? no and neither will pirates enough said.


Of course, piracy will always exist. The question is who is considered to be a pirate. I am in favour of a strict definition - the person(s) who steal content from the studios and makes multiple copies in order to profit. Anything found on the net for personal use is not theft. It is really similar to walking on the streets hoping to find some change. Notice, that banks dont get pi__ed off seeing such behavior and dont try claiming millions in losses. Most people who download, just cant get the stuff any other way for different, mostly financial reasons. All in all, i think same day releases is a smart move. It will become some obstacle for real pirates. For the rest of us, who I consider law obedient people, there may be something in the French copyright model. That way it makes perfect sence paying extra fee on media, if lets say you like a rental and dont mind to bother backing it up. you get your movie for less because you are technology smart and the studios get paid as well.:X Cheers