Warner Bros & The Dark Knight bad company pratices



Now, The Dark knight DVD will not even play in powerDVD it just doesnt recognice it however…the backup works fine…:slight_smile: Now, WB’s latest batman movie seems very worth watching and, superior to the old batman movies.
When reading the DVD using DVDfab (old version) the application just closes!..you must upgrade to the new one to back up this movie…btw…:flower: any DVD movie that closes another app is not a DVD
thats in full DVD compliance with the law. :Z so, if WB thinks
doing this on XMAS time is okay then, they have no XMAS spirit just smoke & mirrors.


Mine plays in Power dvd just fine, straight out the box.


Look at the Info screen–lots of structure protection, many bad cells, fake vts, bad sector etc. But it played fine even with the old version of WinDVD (5). You must have PathPlayer enabled to have any hope of making a backup.


Theres no doubt that it has some protection on it, but it isnt fair to say that it doesnt play with poo-er-dvd because it does.