Warner Bros. needs interns to spy on file-sharers



I just posted the article Warner Bros. needs interns to spy on file-sharers.

At Warner Bros., it doesn’t take a hardened copyright cop to gather intel on file sharers, just a university student with a bit of training and a modest salary.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/warner-bros-interns-spy-on-file-sharers-27693/](http://www.myce.com/news/warner-bros-interns-spy-on-file-sharers-27693/)

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I probably wouldn’t be the best prospect for this job.

WB Exec: Okay, Duke, we need your help catching pirates.
Duke: Like Blackbeard?
WB Exec: Errr, no. Like people who illegally download our movies.
Duke: Oh, okay. Umm, what time is it?
WB Exec: 9 am. Why?
Duke: My cam copy of Clash of the Titans should be downloaded by now. Gotta run.

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LOL, yeah they may give me the job but they’d be pretty upset at me. After a year:

WB Exec: So zzyzx, how many hundreds of illegal downloaders have you found?
zzyzx:Absolutely NONE whatsoever. But I did run into an old friend on Facebook.
WB Exec:And how many torrents did you find?
zzyzx:I didnt find a damn thing…strange huh?
WB Exec: :-/
zzyzx: :expressionless:
WB Exec: :-/
zzyzx: :expressionless:


Thats pretty cheap to hire a rat LOL


Your weekly income will consist of a bag of weed, bottomless coca cola (or other high caffeine drink of your choice) , and unlimited porn.

Just sign here, you can ignore that clause about your soul, and the souls of all your offspring, and so-on and so forth. It’s just a bit of legal jargon :iagree:


Yuck! I know some people at University that would do this.


Can someone give me the number to sign up for doing this. As soon as I get done downloading Warner Bros. films I would like to sign up.:D:D