Warner backs CD/DVD-Audio hybrid - SACD competition

I just posted the article Warner backs CD/DVD-Audio hybrid - SACD competition.

Currently two formats are fighting to become the follow up of the current audio, DVD-Audio (DVD-A)and the SuperAudioCD (SACD). While it seems that the SACD is currently leading, also the DVD-A camp…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5082-Warner-backs-CD_DVD-Audio-hybrid---SACD-competition.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5082-Warner-backs-CD_DVD-Audio-hybrid---SACD-competition.html)

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They’re out of thier minds.Nobodys buying either of the formats because a.)Thier systems (DVD player&reciever)can’t play the discs b.)they’re more expensive c.)Very little good music comes out in the format.Oh and one other thing YOU CAN’T MAKE COPIES !!! :7

Yeah, and who gives a sh*t if the specifications get changed? They aren’t exactly going to hire out millions of engineers to retrofit the new standard to the cough one or two Cd players that are around these days!!

I say it’s a good idea, one of the features that made me sway more towards SACD is the fact it is backwards compatible, where as DVD-A to this point was not. Good move. As for the complaints, sure players and material are expensive. It’s a gradual roll out. It’s a process you can follow with CD players in the begining of their lives, look at player prices now. And DVD’s? I bought my first DVD player for $800 and that was mid-range at the time. Now you could buy an equivalent for $100. Digital TV’s are going through the process as we speak. started at over $10,000, I bought mine for $2,000. Once the intial technology becomes more common place you’ll find systems with built in support (as a recent DVD player I’m looking at buying shows, coming with DVD-A support). I’ll gladly buy a few DVD-A discs for it, as they aren’t incredibly expensive and I think in general the sound is most impressive. Saying it’s a con to have to pay more for a disc is like complaining that a DVD is more than a VHS tape. As for the selection of titles, I recall after buying my DVD player there were roughly 200 movies to choose from. Either it was a new release that wasn’t terribly popular or some film that you’ve never heard of. It’s the case with SACD as well, they aren’t trying to convert the average user at this point. They’re trying to find stability to move the product into everyone’s household… then you’ll find the NSync DVD-A’s you appearently crave. And finally, the copies will come, copy protection hasn’t kept DVD’s from the net… but either way what does it matter. As you said no one can play the discs in the first place… so a copy would benefit you how. The stereo equivalent is already copied on the net, and making copies of a format no one has at this points is completely idiotic. As you said, the selection as of now is limited and many folks can’t play the discs at this point… so copying them today would serve what purpose? Give it time, the formats will eventual come, whether you will it or not. The choice is up to the content provider, and if they want you on copy-protected and more expensive discs… that’s what your content will be on.

It’s not just the price of a DVD Audio or SACD player.I’d have to get a whole new reciever with ANALOG ins and outs because they won’t let it be done digitally.My DTS audio discs that mixed right sound great and I don’t have to buy anything extra for my system.But who ever sits in 1 place to listen to multi channel music.Ideally it wouldn’t be bad for the car but where I’m going to put the center channel???

I have a few problems with these new formats. I have not heard any of the new formats so i can’t comment on their quality. However, i have pretty good hearing and am satisfied with the quality cd’s have. The thing is me and my friends listen to mp3’s. I can hear the difference between a good mp3 and a bad one as well as some very faint differences between a cd and an mp3. The problem is that my friends like so many others don’t hear any difference and mp3 quality is good enough for them. Even if it is a well encoded mp3 it is still lossy and a step backwards. If the general music lister doesn’t see a difference taking a small step forward why would they want to take a large complicated step forward?

thats supposed to be a small step backwards.

You guys have got to remember to “average” Joe and Mary “sixpack” It’s all about THE SONG not the quality!! It’s about THE SONG that Clear Channel & Infinity shove down thier throats 100 times a day at FM quality that makes them go out and BUY thier 3 cd’s a year at the mall for $18.00 and to them CD quality is great if it’s thier favorite song!They’re not as anal about it like us…LOL:4