Warner adds HD DVD Titles & Microsoft helps promote HD DVD

I just posted the article Warner adds HD DVD Titles & Microsoft helps promote HD DVD.

 Despite  HD DVD's weak start, the number of HD DVD titles is slowly growing as Warner  home video continues to add new titles to its HD DVD line-up.  They have  just announced their first...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11898-Warner-adds-HD-DVD-Titles--Microsoft-helps-promote-HD-DVD.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11898-Warner-adds-HD-DVD-Titles--Microsoft-helps-promote-HD-DVD.html)

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dont let this be an issue lets show them with our wallets just keep away from it untill we get what we want after all without our money they cant survive !!!:slight_smile: and also we still have dvd to play with so its not like we arnt gonna get to see the films we want is it ?

Agree, now that DVD players can playback progressive, upscaling (for hdtv) and other nice things. Why get HD-DVD ? wait for it to come down in price (hd-dvd or blu-ray). Don’t buy it now, you will only crash and burn. :slight_smile:

The only people who should buy either format are SUCKER’S!!!

Don’t be a Hater.

wow, $40 for Firewall, that movie looks terrible!

hey aren’t we as consumers used to thinking that the more we pay for an item the better it must be. So obviously Firewall is an excellent movie and it is worth the 40 bones. Christ that movie is worth more then my dvd player that plays divx/xvid/mp3/mp4/vcd/svcd/mpeg/jpeg. Obiously they are marketing it to zombies with wallets!