Warner: 28 day sales windows are hurting rental kiosks



Warner: 28 day sales windows are hurting rental kiosks.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/08/2CN08k.jpg[/newsimage]Some Hollywood movie studios are receiving financial benefits after forcing Redbox, Netflix and similar services into 28-day new release rental delay agreements.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/warner-28-day-sales-windows-are-hurting-rental-kiosks-32804/](http://www.myce.com/news/warner-28-day-sales-windows-are-hurting-rental-kiosks-32804/)

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I’m just glad there is no Redbox in my little town, else this behavior from the studios would really irk me. Basically forcing people to pay more to rent just after release.


Warner didn’t force Netflix into the 28-day delay, Netflix wanted it. The other studios followed suit because Netflix was pushing it. It saves Netflix a load of money by not buying as many copies of new titles.


So … a 28 day rental window allows how many would-be pirates to download permanent pirate copies of movies, rather than renting it at their local redbox/whatever kiosk?


A policy like the 28 day rental window only drives more consumers to subversive activities. We only have so much money. How many times do I have to update my video library?


Redbox has decimated the entertainment industry and the rest of the studios should follow warners lead in windowing these cheaper rental services. Having the entire movie industry go up in flames just for $1 rentals just ain’t worth it.


With the economy the sales have nowhere to go but up. I also believe it has to do with the quality of the movies once they started with the whole windows/extortion deal. Overall people are going to start getting tired of being manipulated especially if we had a media that told people what was really happening instead of having to hunt out the news by coming to a specialized forum like this.


Since we are talking about Warner Bros., another dirty little trick they have pulled is the ‘Rental’ version of a new title. A stripped-down version I might add whereas the same title in the store for sale is the full version. Bad business practice all around.


I’ve noticed that with the movies we get from Netflix, or should I say, my wife notices since I don’t really care about the bells and whistles, but my wife likes all of the extras. I know when certain movies reach a certain amount of popularity at the box office they aren’t going to leave extras off of the DVD, so apparently it’s just the rental they are sending out that way and it’s not right. If the extras are on a second DVD Netflix requires you to use one of your slots if you want to see it.


I’m fine with waiting 28 days for a flick… odds are they are only worth one viewing anyway. I’m not buying anymore movies. I just wish they would make them available to stream to a PS3 or Wii after 28 days.