Warming DVD Disc To Improve Burn Quality?

someone i talk to online seen a article in a magazine he has and here it is… he scanned it and sent it to me… is this real or is it bs?

it’s claims that heating the disk up to body temp will improve burn quality to sum it up.

I think his wife is right - he’s kissing discs to appease the ‘data gods’. :bigsmile:

@ dragemester… so basically to transelate what u just said… = he’s smoking crack lol

i figured it was probably BS… at best i was thinking it was VERY MINIMAL.

I suppose kissing the discs makes a change from you-know-what :bigsmile:

And what’s wrong with “kissing the discs to appease the Data Gods” anyway - I do it all the time :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I tried an intensive test (bulk) of G05. To speed things up, I plalced the 100 disc stack in the microwave. Set 2min defrost. :doh:
Anyone want a G05 leaning tower of blankness. :cool:

Well at leased you used the highest quality media to run those test, hehe

Are those the same people that paint their music cds in green in order to make them sound better?

But my experience is, that a drive that is too hot may produce worse burns than a cold one.



Since the media tends to come OUT quite warm, maybe pre-warming could achieve more accurate calibration, though running/walking OPC should compensate for any parameter shift.

It is definitely advisable to allow room temperature equalization for any media taken from a cooler environment, otherwise misting is possible.

:stuck_out_tongue: Are you referring to sniffing media?

Aww. I thought my fridge would be the best place to store my valuable Taiyo Yudens!

It’s more than warm enough over here at my place.There is no need to heat it up further or else the disc will get melted!

OT/ Oh, I thought you were expecting a prince to appear :bigsmile: /OT

My overheating BenQ 1620 definitely wasn’t good for any DVD’s any more.

Based on the theory proposed here :

  • people who live in warmer climates should get better burns than those who live in colder ones. So if you live in Siberia, even using TY discs should give you burn quality like AML or Princo.
  • you should get better burn quality in summer than in winter
  • new advice to people who want better burn quality - move to a warmer country

With the amount this guy spends on crack, he can definitely buy better media. :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, the article never mentions if heating your discs affects their lifespan!

Hahahaha :bigsmile:

Yeah, I should be getting burns with a constant 99 QS, it’s hot enough here at the moment!

ok, based on the comments i got so far on here… im pretty much assuming that the article is basically bs… some funny comments though :wink:

cause using cheap media in general reguardless if that “heating the disc’s” helps the burn quality at all or not… still most likely aint going to help the long term lasting of the data on a cheap dvd disc… so basically it aint even worth doing even if it does barely help, since the media he is using is crap in the first place :wink:

bottom line… get quality media and all is good.

thanks for the comments everyone… just had to post this to see what you guys thought.

What a waste… Pure wishful thinking bundled with praying to the faKe gods. lol

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Yes, Cthulhu is real. I spent eight years with her.:slight_smile:

Means what?

English please!!