Warezzmaffia Vs Mummy Crew



For my personal experiences, I think this is a paragon like Christ Vs Antichrist
Some times ago I start to buy some stuffs on the net.
Since the first times, I have found in Warezzmaffia staff reliability, speed, professionality, and whatsoever a guy need from a dealer!
And I saw this words despite to the other persons that wants put this guyz in
a bad light (I presume for jealousy or others poor humans things).
A sad day, for a little delay from Warezzmaffia's guyz (posts problems), I tried
another group called Mummy Crew ...
Good site, good design, a fast answer every message to the group .. all sounds good!
After my first mail with a couple of $$ (about 35 days ago, by priority mail),
absolute silence!!
Every 5-10 mail I received a fast poor mail that said my CDs was on the way,
but I have received nothing, and the site is adjourned every 3/4 days with good news.
So, the guyz exists, the site look nice,the promises and the lists of new stuffs flows on, but the stuffs not exists!

Warezzmaffia rocks, Mummycrew SUXXXXX

             Richard from Italy.


Hello Italy,
Well, I hope I can join you in the glory of ordering with the Warezmaffia Crew…
I just made a first order with them, and so far everything went well. Fast reply’s to the e-mails I send them and a fast reply when they got the money I send them…

Now I’m waiting for the CD’s to arrive… So in a couple of days I will get them…

******* SO FAR WAREZMAFFIA ROCKS *********


I don’t want to disinterupt the party but I think that The Mummy Crew is a better Crew than WareZMaffia … Maybe you have to wait a bit longer on yer CDs BUT they Sell Quality and The WareZmaffia Doesn’t!


Mummycrew really sucks…
I order my cd’s on the 8th of November '99
Still haven’t received them… and I already payed for them…
btw: what’s the url for mummycrew;
I tried www.themummy-crew.com but doesn’t work anymore


the url for the crew is http://mummycrew.hypermart.net
but dont use it because themummycrew sucks I order my cds a few months ago there and i still don`t have them. I orderd them there d because the mummycrew is cheaper than maffia warez.


Mummy offers quality Cds?
Ok, I suppose for a moment that SILVER CDS of MummyCrew are better of SILVER CDS of Warezzmaffia (also if I think that doesn’t exists a press of a silver cd better than another …).
Now what can I do with a “good” silver cd old of about 40 days ???
I can clean my asshole up and down …
At this time, I prefer use my 50 $$ send to MummyCrew to buy two good fresh originals and copy them with cloneCD …
To send the money to Mummy Crew is worst than
send the same money to Bill Gates



This morning, as usually, I have received
the mail from Warezzmaffia, TL43 and CB 45 !!!
Puntuality, quality and good package, despite who tell the opposite
For a momment I have thinked that the mail
was by Mummy Crew … ahah what a joke
from my brain

And again, Warezzmaffia roxxxxxxxxXXXXX !!!


Oh, with today, it’s 44 days that I’m waiting my CDs from MummyCrew …
And the Mummy’s site isn’t adjourned with no news since January 16 …
Now I understand why the term MummyCrew …
The CDs and the site got MUMMIFIED since many time !!!


he he he richard che ridere…sono MuMMY-ficati…il sito efermo al 16, si mi sa che difficilmente avrai i tuoi CD, anche se te lo auguro !
sto comprando anche io da warezmaffia, ma sono un po` cari ! ci sono dealers che hanno prezzi migliori, ciao


I have ordered ones by warezMAFFIA, they got my money, and i got nothing. Maybe a bad luck, i ask for a explanation, but they where not friendly in the mail they returned to my. Sorry for the guys, but i don’t trust them anymore.