My experiences with WarezMaffia is not always good. I've ordered some Tazmania cd's and that are not always good copied cd's. When one file isn't in order I don't care, but when more files are bad copied, I mail them about it. Tazmania 27 had some bad files on it,and I've got new ones, very quickly.
The last cd I ordered was Tazmania 28. There were 2 bad cd's. I mailed them and they said that they should sent me new ones. That was on 11-02-2000. From that moment I still didn't hear anything. I've sent them three times a message by email, but I didn't get any message back.
So sometimes they are good, sometimes not so good!!!!!


Indeed, I thought I was the only one, I have the exact same experience, Taz27 was still acceptable, but Taz28 was a real bad copy! Only 70% of the games were working… :frowning:



Me too, same problems!
This means that the problem isn’t on the single user, but at the source of all!
I know for sure that Warezzmaffia has momentainly some problems with the guyz that copies gold-cds for their, so the fault is in
another place …
I’m waiting for Tazz28 since 20 days, but in the meanwhile, I enjoy my silver CB 47 !!



my Tazz 27 ordered from WM also has 2 bad discs 27B & 27C only disk 27A is working. Still waiting for the replacement from WM.
Hey Dylan. are your replacement Tazz27 CD working ?


Yes Dungdakao, the replacement of Tazz27 CD was working pretty well. I think one game wasn’t working. But wat is one game?


Hi DReaMeR,

Which games off Tazz 28 are not working with you? My Tazz 28A doesn’t startup and all the utils are bad. Tazz 28C doesn’t startup and the game WowmixClub won’t start. The rest is allright I think.


geduld is een schone zaak

scar kennende komt het wel goed…


Hi, ppl, Larek thnx for these nice words !
The last time we have indeed some probs. with the Tazmania cds, we are working on it right now, release 29 that is released today will be the latest title that we hope to delivery with NO fault or bad disks, again we apoligice for the inconvenience.


www.warezmaffia-cds.de Taz 29 available !


I ordered Tazz 27 and 28 at HAMONU (http://welcome.to/hamonu).
I have to say I was very surprised that I absolutely got no problem with working those copy-cds, compared with SILVER Twilight and Crazy-Bytes that regularly got problems (not working games)