Warezmaffia down?



Warezmaffia down??


It seems so, perhaps thrown of their server


are they busted …

is that why we did’t get our order !!!
(i hope not)


I have just ordered to so i hope not to!

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jesus… why does everyone thinks a dealer is busted if the site is down… it can happen…

don’t worry…


Well… why isn’t Scarface (the warezmaffia guy) responding here?
Scarface!!! What’s wrong???


you guys ever see dragnet…hahahaha


im sure he will turn up,you people worry to fast…and nbr didnt pay me to say that



Yes we were kicked from our server , OF COURSE we are not busted, please if a site is down for 2 days that doesnt mean that the dealer is busted (greetz to SilverCB!)
www.warezmaffia-cds.de is back!

Next week BLADE 5 ON SILVER !


YOW!! GUYZ !!!
This is the great return of Mr. Scarface!
He is like Highlander, the last immortal
But a sign of Scarface’s life were here yesterday: I have puntually received my
CB 47!
Kick the server, not the ass



You don’t know how glad I am to hear that!

THX Scarface

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Great to have warezmaffia back online again…
when will the TeRaX section be updated with new dvd-rips???


what a bunch of worry worts,they had you locked up scareface…but i knew better