WarezMaffia and Akira69



WarezMaffia, I think it odd that this poor guy would go through all this trouble for a couple cd’s. People are insulting his heritage, dammit! What’s it cost you to give this guy the benefit of the doubt? It’s a win-win situation for you: great service, even to unlucky losers! If it happens again, or you see a pattern emerging, that’s another story.

Akira69, I’ve ordered from WarezMaffia, and they delivered the product, no problem. Apparently, plenty other people have, too. So I’d venture a guess and say that they are playing by the rules. Keep doing what you’re doing: patience and compromise.

And stop this petty nationalism bullshit, people. You insult your own intelligence by playing such games.


Warezmaffia is OK, them contact me and resolving the problem!