Warez Mafia?



I heared alot about warez mafia, and most is positive.

They supply original warez-cd's and I need a new dealer.

But I have a few questions to everybody who ever ordered at them.

  • If you choose "slow" delivery (F5,-), it says 2/3 weeks till you get it.
    Does it really take that long to ship it to holland? what does others think of that?

  • And did you ever had trouble with them?

I'd like to know all



Hi there!
For sure I know that the difference between a normal mail and a priority mail, here in Italy, is only 1 or 2 $$ max …So, I think that is a good think to receive always the stuffs by priority, also because there is a big difference in the speed




well, waremaffia is reliable (hello scarface) AND USE FAST delivery, or you’ll have to wait real long. It’S worth the money, especially in warez businnes, where you like your game fresh and tasty :slight_smile:





Just as someone said before


Greetz Whatever