Warez Maffia

can anyone tell me if warez maffia is a good dealer???

he is good dealer, just order
silver though! I don’t like their
My $0.02!

yeah he is a good dealer a little expensive mabay and not the fastest but you can trust him.

I hope dungdakao isnt right about there copies Ive just ordered my first copy from them.


not fast…?

he’s dammn fast…just like me…

hey Whatever, I hope you will get the
good copies, but from my experience
I just go with the silver. WM could be fast
domestically but for oversea, beleive me It took a long time. Anyway, WM DO deliveries and that what we all want.

another $0.02

Larek Toots i dont know if you are fast but my experience with wm is that he isnt the fastest. I used to order from snoop cds and he was faster a lot faster. But as i said before you can trust wm.

i ordered blade 6 on saterday , he could meet me sunday to bring the sets…
in the past he delivers me in 2 days…wm roelz

snoop roelz also damm fast like me…

He’s the best, no further comment.

My experiences with WarezMaffia are not always good. I’ve ordered some Tazmania cd’s and that were not always good copied cd’s. When one file isn’t in order I don’t care, but when more files are bad copied, I mail them about it. The last cd I ordered was Tazmania 28. There were 2 bad cd’s. I mailed them and they said that they should sent me new ones. That was on 11-02-2000. From that moment I still didn’t hear anything. I’ve sent them three times a message by email, but I didn’t get any message back. So sometimes they are good, sometimes not so good!!!

I got the cds yesterday i orderd from wm about two weeks ago. It are copies they are working well at the moment. And i wonder for how long they will work because it are the cheapest cd-r`s you can buy in a store.

The best? Man you are one big nut boy

This guy is really f*cking expensive. I don’t know why but this is one of those dealers (like ex-EZcd) who ask far too much money.

You can probably trust this dude, but I got better alternatives

Yeah it’s right, much expensive and not too fast!
BUT! The CDs arrived ALWAYS! Good silvers!
No false promises!
The quality has a price!
And please remember that no-one want to risk without a certain couple of $$


Mr.Vinny, don’t be a bargain.
He’s the best because he has always delivered to me.
I’ve ordered in the past at some other dealers but sooner or later they went wrong.
(lapd/scsi was also a good crew)
Didn’t deliver, send cd’s wich didn’t work etc etc. At warezmaffia i’ve once got a bad cd. This cd was replaced within a week.
They are not the most cheapest but very reliable. And that is nowadays a lot worth.
So mr.Vinny take your choise.
Mine is to pay a bit more and be sure to get my cds.

Hmz.although in first case i would react I can’t refuse it, so here we go !

For all the people that are complaining here, let me explain these thing cause its always the same 3 a 4 persons that are complaining about us (are you a dealer youself…and don’t like our competition or what?..)

" I dont like them because they are expensive as F#@CK"… Hmz… well correct me if i am wrong, but for what cds are we expensive?, yes, our copys are not superb low priced, but this is done to stimulate the selling ofreal silver (other dealers should do this too…)
Our silver prices are normal, and sometimes LOW!
A silver Twilight for 45,- NLG is normal, so thats no point of excuse.
A silver CB for 60,- NLG is normal, so neither is this one.
A silver Blade for 65,- NLG is cheap! (REMEMBER! these are the real one!, if someones offers blades for around 50 nlgs…well trust me these cds are not what they are mean for…)

Ofcourse there are always dealers that will be 5 NLG or less cheaper, but is that 5 NLG the point?, and are you prepared to risk your money and safety for that 5 NLG ??..

this msg from me isnt meant to say we are not the most cheapest, indeed we are not, and we dont want to be that!, if you look for cheap stuff, just buy some copys at a local 14 Year old kid…but dont offense when there will come troubles and problems.

And see for yourself, all dealers on the world wide web risk it currently to get caught, busted etc…so if you need software, go to the Dixons, or Vobis, and than tell them that they are expensive! (just look at the prices for their games/software

Euhrm and now please close this topic
Ofcourse everybody who has ideas, tips or complains mail me at:
www.warezmaffia.cx http://kickme.to/wmc <mirror1>


Warezmaffia Crew!

That’s talking !! Scarface for president!!

Nice story but Im not complaining Im just telling my experience with your service.
Thats what this forum is about isnt it ? And if Im correct this is the first time I say anyting what sounds a little negativ about wm. I`m not trying to make war this is just a reaction on your reply.

btw I`m not a dealer.