Warez group Fairlight says farewell to dangerous scene

WRFan, they really did quit…that supposed “joke” was fake…FLT is gone.

i just wanna thank u fairlight for the great releases under the years. they have been a nice addition when u sat home and was bored with nothing do and u went out and looked on the internet and found a new fairlight release… i could always count on u producing the best releases im sad to c u leave maybe u come back with the same name or with another name who knows? we who have been around will miss u for ur great releases and those who come into this know will miss the chance to play ur excellent work… if the game and program companys didnt charge their stuff so much there wouldnt be any pirates or such… where ever u are now FTL members if its in sweden or some other place have it good knowing that u made us serious gamers and those hours with nothing to do fun :slight_smile: :g :c

i saw a FLT release yesterday; http://www.nforce.nl/nfos/clear_png.php?id=46067