Warez group Fairlight says farewell to dangerous scene

I just posted the article Warez group Fairlight says farewell to dangerous scene.

DudeZ used our news
submit to tell us that according to this
NFO-message, warezgroup Fairlight has said farewell
to the scene. Fairlight was one of the larger…

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I wonder if this is for real. I read an entire discussion about this on a Dutch newssite, and some stated that FLT decided to publish this message and continu with another name. I can’t really care what they do, but I somehow can’t believe a group like this is quitting…

Well, I can confirm they are really quitting, but like you said… continuing under another name is most likely… What will happen is that most members of FLT will form splinter cells, and continue under different names. We have probably not lost a superb group, we will have gained several more. But I for one am sad to see them go… They really brought quality releases, and were at the underground top all the time.

They really brought quality releases??? No they didnt, the people they ripped off did.

Been around since the days of the C64, and I support the comment retiring on top. No argument but unless you were a member of that group then you cannot comment on their methods. They were the BEST and always will be remembered for it. yeah maybe so they will split and use new aliases, prob the best idea. :wink: Greets The Diplomat:g Fairlight forever:)

fairlight is one of the reasons for the dmca. goodbye and good riddance.

I had the pleasure of meeting their demo squad at Assembly '94. It’s been nice knowing them and i wish them the best.

Like “The Diplomat” i´m an old-timer (at age 33 ? geeeez…:wink: who still fondly remembers fairlight´s releases on the good ol´breadbox back in the 80´s. To see them go (if they really are going through with this) is sad. What´s even sadder though is the fact that other groups with more mouth thatn intellect will replace them and therefore, once again, we will see the scene deteriorate in quality. Boys, you were modern rogues and did well what you did, be it illegal, unsavory or wahtever in other people´s view. To me, you´re a part of my computing past that will never be erased.:c

Anyone care to guess at the amount of illegal software “I have piles” and “ckin 2001” have used, are using and will use ???..:X

can’t say that I have been in this as long as y’all but fairlight was truly on top. I bet they made up at least half of all of the game releases on sharereactor, and that really says something as many groups as there is. They were truly very good at what they did.

this is sad… this is really really sad. goodbye and fairwell Fairlight i will truly miss all the quality releases :c :c :c
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is it april 1 again?

Fairlight Lol fools we were just kidding © Fairlight
meaning it was just a joke. they are not quitting :B
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This is a response to that comment about DCMA act, its not because of them that they created the law, its mostly greedy lil’ corporate bastards that gets the carpet pulled under them, but in reality the DCMA caused hardware and software a GREAT deal of pain. They unleashed a monster that they would presumably should have kept back in pandoras box. :g

man i remember those demos really rocked!

FAiRLiGHT - Quality , Pride & Tradition couldn’t have said it better. I hope the members start a new group otherwise we’ll be stuck with Deviance’s non working releases.

they started my whole computer addiction ty…good luck

Even their Demos pushed the old C64 to it’s limits and it rocked, the music, graphics, awesome no other words for it. They utilized the full potential of the C64 more so than the game writers themselves. :wink: Fairlight are still the best, they were the only team to release an anti fade crack for Toca Race Driver. Other goups released non working copies. :frowning: FaiRLiGhT 4 EveR! :S Greetz The Diplomat :g

I cannot believe that FLT is gone. The newsgroups will never be the same without them. I respect their desicion to leave and would like to say goodbye, and thanks for the years of quality releases. You guys really are #1.

I always liked to see fairlight releases. They were fast and efficient. It seems that the other groups may now breathe a sigh of relief because competing with fairlight was a tough job. Still after 16 years it makes you wonder what has happened now that makes it sooo much more dangerous than before. Oh and I loved the C64 stuff as well. In fact i wish groups still did the intro’s for the games like on the C64 and Amiga. they were truly good bits of coding. Red Sector used to do the best on the Amiga in my opinion

what are you talking about? I told you above that it was a joke! fairlight are not quitting, so stop whining!