Wares to the usa



if your a wares buyer like i am and in the states like i am,and are interested in buying good quality wares and getting it as fast as possible i suggest buying from nbr.
im not putting waremaffia down in any way they are a great group.but i think they are in the netherlands and nbr is in italy.i got wares from nbr as little as 5 days and the most in 10 days.wares coming from central europe can take 30 days or more coming to the states...so if time is a factor in your decideing who gets your money pick nbr.quality wize its a toss up between nbr and waresmaffia....both are great
ps. i did not get paid to say this by nbr...
i knew someone would ask


you can also order at hamonu. we deliver within 1 week in to the usa with priority mail http://welcome.to/hamonu

mail us for prices and conditions


NBR is cool and delivers fast!


or buy at FBI-CD they are the best!!