Warcraft3 + BlindWrite5Trial = useless files? (How do I get my game to run?)

I downloaded BlindWrite 5 trial version so I could run my copy of Warcraft3 directly off of my hard drive. I made a ‘read’ copy, which copied the CD onto my harddrive. I now have the two files:
WARCRAFT_III <—BlindWrite 5 image

I have no idea what to do next. I already have the program DLed onto my computer. What’s the next step to let me run the program?


Get a virtual drive, and mount the image to that drive. I don’t know if BW has a virtual drive option or not, as I haven’t used it. My reccommendation is Alcohol 120%, but there are lots more people here to help you :slight_smile:

yeah, if ya wanna run it just from your hard-drive, and not burn it back to a cd-r you should try out the trial of alcohol 120% ( http://www.alcohol-soft.com/ ), read the cd again with alcohol using the securom profile (i think that WC3 has normal securom, WC3 TFT has securom new i think) and mount the image into one of alcohol’s virtual drives. that’s it, it should work… :wink:

Hey, will the virtual drive stop functioning when the trial ends?
What happens if I uninstall Alcohol120%?