Warcraft3 backup?!

hi everyone,
bought the battlechest w/ both reign of chaos and frozen throne about a week ago and absolutely love it. i know, i know i am only about 4 years behind!!! i am trying to back up reign of chaos (due to my very curious 3 year old) for about a week with nothing but coasters. i tried using clonecd, nero, alcohol120 to no avail. i have plextor241040 and figured it should be able to copy a 4 year old game some how? i know it is protected with securom new, not sure which version though. i have already done a search and it brought up many posts from 2002, no duh! i just wonder if things have changed since then. i am not very familiar with doing regedits etc, just wondering if someone would spell it out for me ENGLISH! if there is already a post which shows me how to do it with my specs, could you please HELP! the coasters are out of control . . . . . . . will this also work for frozen throne?
thanks in advance


Transferring to ‘CD & DVD Copy Protection’ forum…

Why some ppl can’t use Search ?

i have tried the search function if you read the whole post, how do i find out what version of the game i have?

it’s written in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen

ok, thanks v1.14