Warcraft3 and Pioneer 104

Bought the English release of Warcraft 3 , used Liteon New Securerom profile , disk was read and written in 6 mins approx . Backup works fine in my 40125S with hide CDR media enabled but will not work in my Pioneer 104 with the same settings . Is the Pioneer 104 not very good at reading backup disks :confused:

Pioneer is terrible at reading subchannel data, which is needed for Securerom.

I have a backup copy of WC3 that will play in all of my drives except for my Pioneer 106S. I suspect that your 104 is no different to my 106s when it comes to playing securerom backups.

Thanks for answering , this could well be the solution , I’ll have to stick my old DVD rom drive back in the PC and test it with this .



A perfect WC3 backup runs even in all Pioneer drives. I once had the same problem when trying to use a LiteOn 32123S as reader.
Use a Toshiba reader, and your copy will work in your Pioneer drive.

What Toshiba drive do you recommend and is it available in England . Is the same reader capable of Cactus copy protections on Audio CD’s that the Liteons can’t do as If I upgrade to another reader then it my as well serve more than one function .

Toshiba 1502 or 1612. Should be available in England.

No, Cactus won’t work properly :frowning: Unfortunately, there is no drive which can do everything