Warcraft Iii?

I made a copy of this game , I use:
clony xxl; clone cd 4.01.10, plextor X24, asus dvdX16.

The clony xxl said"no protection found" then I burn a copy with clone cd.

I install the game from the copy.whan I try to play I got message to put the cd in the DVD (the copy is still there) so I changed to the original cd and then the game work.

What’s wrong?


Get the Securom profile from the profile thread here and use it for the read and the write with your Plextor drive.
In order to play from a writer you need to have Hide CDR Media enabled from the CCD icon in the expandable system tray on your windows taskbar.

Originally posted by Bulk
Get the Securom profile from the profile

Thanks for the answer, how I can insert the profile into the cloned?

…it’s a .ccp file. Copy it the /Elaborate Bytes/CloneCD/Profiles folder and it will appear as a profile in the read/burn windows

Success!!!, Tahnk you all.