Warcraft III Unusual Problem

Hi, I made (what I belive to be) a 1:1 image of Warcraft III non-collecter’s edition and I have an unusual problem with it.

If I mount the image with deamon tools (latest), It runs and installs fine. If I leave it mounted, and reboot, it wants me to insert the cd. Then I just unmount and remount it.

Does anyone know why that happens?

In addition, I loaded the image with deamon and made an image of it from Alchohol 120%. This new MDS image, when mounted by Deamon’s OR Alchohol’s virtual drive, didnt work.

This leads me to think I may not have a 1:1 image at all…

Also, can you tell me exactly what protection War3 has?

If someone who created an image with CCD has a chance, could you download QuickSFV (http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Mouse/4668/download.html) and copy / paste the SFV you get? Its basicly a CRC tool, and its only about 400kb.

This is the contents of my .SFV file:

War3Retail.CCD B7262AF7
War3Retail.cue 1A1566FF
War3Retail.img A75D2ABB
War3Retail.sub C6637F6B

Please Tell me if yours matches!

Warcraft III uses some version of Securom which gives alot of people, including myself, headaches. Never Winter Nights also uses the same protection on it’s play disk.

Are you reading with a Lite-On? You will need to check “Regenerate…” or use this profile

; Generated by QuickSFV v2.21 on 2002-12-23 at 12:20:24
; 786 21:42.40 2002-11-24 wc3.ccd
; 67 21:42.42 2002-11-24 wc3.cue
; 761041344 21:42.44 2002-11-24 wc3.img
; 31062912 21:42.44 2002-11-24 wc3.sub
wc3.ccd 26AC3DEC
wc3.cue 398942F3
wc3.img F15D4B6C
wc3.sub 00F0FC9E

Yup, that’s the profile I used to backup my WC3 disc w/ a Lite-On 48125W. CD to Image and back. Perfect copy. Don’t even need to hide CDR.

I just read again in a LTD-163D with the “Regenerate…” option and got this:

; Generated by QuickSFV v2.21 on 2002-12-23 at 12:26:09
; 786 12:25.42 2002-12-23 wc3.ccd
; 67 12:25.44 2002-12-23 wc3.cue
; 761041344 12:25.46 2002-12-23 wc3.img
; 31062912 12:25.46 2002-12-23 wc3.sub
wc3.ccd 26AC3DEC
wc3.cue 398942F3
wc3.img A75D2ABB
wc3.sub 3EB1FAC4
The first results were from an ‘I don’t know what read it’ image!

Well at least I have the same main image file as you, FutureProof.

Heres the whole story:
A few mo. ago (when it was released), I bought WC3 and read the image. Found out I coulnt burn it [with a ricoh] and was contented to using my image with the problems I described with Deamon Tools.

Last week, my brother got a Lite-On, so I eagerly went to burn it. My only working copy now is from an image I obained in this pequliar way:

  1. Read CD with CCD on Ricoh MP7060A (from origonal 5 months ago)
  2. Mounted it so WC3 loaded fine
  3. Alchohol 120% read from Deamon Drive
  4. Burnt with Alchohol 120% to my bro’s Lite On (“firmgraded” to the 52x model)

This gave me a working copy on my computer, using a Ricoh MP7060A as a reader for the CD. It works great. But now if I move it to my DVD reader (my primary drive) I get the “cannot load wc3” message.

I assumed this was due to ATIP [nero says my burner’s atip reading ability is unknown, and the dvd reader was bought later] so I just got CCD to Hide CD-R Media for my dvd drive.

It says its active, but I get the same error. So now I have a copy that only works in my burner :confused:

My configuration:
Windows 2000 both computers
1 ancient Ricoh MP7060A
1 new Lite-On 5???S (52x)
1 old CD-RW, now warcraft III with my above problems.

You may ask: why dont I just re-read WC3 CD? Heres why:
My CD stopped working almost right after I bought it. I actually had to read the CD I called the origonal from my friend’s cd! And mailing blizzard didnt get me a new cd :frowning:

Please tell me why my copy only works in my burner!
And also tell me if the Lite-On he bought CAN do securom super-new and safedisk 2.8 reliably. It was the Sony 48x which I flashed to Lite-On 52x. Thanks!