Warcraft III, Successful 1:1 copy!

Hello all! I just made a 1:1 copy of Warcraft III. It installs and runs perfectly, without Clone CD Hide Media Function! It also works on both of my drives! I used my Polaroid BurnMAX40EX (Firmware 408p) to read and write. I used CloneCD 4.

Profile used to read: Securom (I did not edit anything in the profile, i just selected it and copied the image.)

Then i tested it with D-Tools and the image worked without emulation.

Profile used to write: Securom (Again i did not edit anything in the profile)

I used my Polaroid BurnMAX40EX to read and write it. And oh yeah, BTC makes it.

Warcraft III is no problem to back-up since its SecuRom version is still doable. There were some problems with LiteOn drives but they were fixed with the custom Profile. Plextor and Yamaha (and other good SubChannel Data readers) for instance can copy the game just fine at maximum read and write speeds. It is weird though you can play the back-up from your CD-writer without the need for ‘Hide CDR Media’. Are you sure you back-upped an original copy of Warcraft III which is protected?

Could be a nice new feature this burner has. Other then that it sure sounds strange. I need to use “Hide CD-R Media” to get my copy to work in my LTR-24102B anyway.

Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
Are you sure you back-upped an original copy of Warcraft III which is protected?
…generally points to a cracked .ISO but I think Sven Rhode (sheepfriend) mentioned that a bug in SecuROM could do this sometimes.

Ah ok. I was leaning towards the first but it could also just be a glitch in the SecuRom checks.

does anybody know if my TDK 401248X can also burn this 1:1?

I think so. Reading is the issue rather than burning. Just try it.

Yup, it works, i went to my friends house and we tried it on his computer ( he does not have any burning software besides nero, so he did not have clonecd, d-tools, alcohol 120, fhantomcd or anything else) and it worked on his computer fine. Then of course we uninstalled it :cop: . The CD is original, and its copy works just fine. You will just have to accept that. :slight_smile: