Warcraft III - new patch, new securom

Did a bit of checking with clony - Warcraft III’s gone from

v1.04 - SecuROM v4.68.00.5162
v1.04c - SecuROM v4.84.50.5815

so your backup’s might not work with the latest patch.

yup, it sure did bump it up a notch, so here’s the question, If securom 4.8 and above is dependant on physical characterstics of the disc it is pressed on, then how can they bump it like this and an original even still work when those characterstics are not even present on the disc itself?

Well, my guess would be checking for Twin Peaks method as it has been blacklisted in other Securom NEW v4.8X games, so why release a game patch which fixes updates and doesnt check for a duplication method?

Many people claimed that thier Twin Peaks backup of Neverwinter Nights didnt work after the latest official path and guess what, the Securom version went up as well.

So hopefully this is as accurate as I remember.

Yeah, my backup doesnt work, what can I do?

Software used:

Alcohol 120%: 1.4.6 (build 711)

I haven’t tried WCIII yet, but I do have a working backup of KotOR which has Securom 5.00.03.

It was made using Alcohol and Alcoholer’s TwinCreator. Works great! :slight_smile: