Warcraft III, Never Winter Nights, uncopyable ? Of course not

I just posted the article Warcraft III, Never Winter Nights, uncopyable ? Of course not.

Currently our (CloneCD) forum gets a little flooded by questions about backing up Warcraft III and Never Winter Nights. These games seem to be protected with again a new version of SecuRom. Some…

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I don’t know if Warcraft 3 is copyable with a cd-burner, but as well as Medal Of Honor, it is copied easily and quickly with Virtual CD 4 (this utility makes an image of a CD on the HD. Amazingly, I never encounter any protection that can resist it. Not even MOHAA, which gave troubles to my Plextor 24x10x40). Don’t worry, be happy :wink:

Just one precision : all drives may not be able to do the copy. But most actual CD-burner should. The Plextor 24x10x40 does, for sure.

I can’t speak for Neverwinter… but Warcraft 3 is copyable! Me and a couple of friends bought the game together, and made copies for us of it. I didn’t copy the game myself, but a friend of mine who I have tought about burning did. He’s got an UltraPlex 40x SCSI to read discs, and a Plextor 12,8,something SCSI to burn stuff. He’s always got “Read Subchanneldata” enabled. When I meet him, I can ask exactly what settings he used.

i downloaded my copy and it was the happiest day of my life!

i was able to back up Neverwinter Nights. my Toshiba SD-M1502 (firm 1012) was unable to take a correct reading. (first time i have ever actually seen a protection it can not read by the way) – So i used Liteon 24102b (newest firm)with ccd for both read and write. no problems. :4

A friend of mine backed up NeverWinter Nights and then sold the backup copy. The person he sold the copy to tried to use the same serial number but the game told him it was already used once (?!) he then downloaded a serial number off the internet and now he does not have the network option available, all he can do is play Single Player. Neat Security feature.

Neverwinter is no problem for the Liteon24102b (24x10x40). I did it earlier this week. Not even a hitch. :slight_smile:

I downloaded the CloneCD-version of the game and burned it with my Lite-On 32123S and it works just fine.

I posted the day after warcraft III came out how to backup the game but they decided not to post here ???¿¿¿

Well there are rules laid down by the CDFreaks team, and they don’t condone piracy for starters. Greetz from The Diplomat :8

I think what he meant was that he scratched his original, so he downloaded a new one and burnt it. :wink:

burn wc3 bin/cue you downed and you have your copy? :slight_smile:

Copies fine with AOpen. Maybe you guys sould try using Blind Read/Write as well instead of just clone CD. :7

hmm have copied both NWN and Warcraft 3 with clone cd and LG 32x10x40 with perfect results :7

On a personal basis I went out and purchased WarCraft III, it got a rating of 94% in PC gamers :slight_smile: I also own the originals of the previous Warcraft incarnations and played them too death! One point I will make is that if a game can give you hours of enjoyment, then go and buy the original, its well worth it. I was given a backup of WarCraft III, but binned it as I had planned too buy the original anyway! Greetz from The Diplomat :8 Wow it’s 3:58am here in the UK time for bo bo’s There are only few games worth buying, those are the ones you will get the most enjoyment from!

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