Warcraft III HELP!

Hey peoples could someone please help me with Warcraft III Reign Of Chaos.I burned it by using CloneCD installed everything with the burnt CD and then it says : Please verify that your Warcraft III disc is in you CD-ROM Drive, then click on ‘Retry’. Then it doesnt work!!! I burned with frozen throne too!!!..Two Precious Discs wasted

Could someone list instructions on what to do in order specifically! And whats securerom…Im such a noob lol

Thanks :rolleyes:

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Yes here you go this is what you do specifically!!!
1/ Use Search,
2/ look in CD&DVD Copy Protection sub-Forum
3/ Burn Disk and play game :wink:

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Which version of WCIII is on your original disc. There have been several releases of this game and appropriate method to make a working back-up copy depends upon the version of securom used.

Umm where do you check the version?

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When you start to play the game the splash screens (or menu) will tell you the version # (i.e. v. 1.0 for the original release or e.g. v. 1.05 or whatever for a later release).

No splash screen came up telling me the version lol though its S7145311 Version 1.14 ( checked on disc cover).I can give u a bit more info…

LG Compact disc rewritable High Speed 40x12x40x ( the place where u put the disc in :slight_smile: )

And the 2 programs I got are alcohol 120 % and CloneCD :wink:

If it’s v. 1.14 of the game then the protection used will be securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x and to make a working back-up copy with your writer you’ll either have to make an RMPS emulation copy with alcohol or a non-emulation twinpeak copy.

For you, probably the easiest is the RMPS emulation method for which you’ll find a tutorial here.

Alternatively, you can try for a non-emulation twinpeak copy for which you’ll find a variety of tutorials here, here, here and here.

However, you may need some luck for a twinpeak copy to work as LG drives are known to be amongst the few that have difficulties in writing a twinpeak patched image.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot phil :).I’ll go try it now. I’ll tell you later if it works or it doesnt. Your da best :iagree:

Oh yeah and on instruction 16 it says : 16. One the read is completed it will prompt you to insert the blank CD-R.

Should i enter it cause it doesnt tell me to

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Arrgh!!! This happened to me twice. When i was playing Multiplayer On Wc3 Reign of Chaos I get a error it says :
This application has encountered a critical error FATAL ERROR!
Program: c:\program files\warcraft iii\war3.exe
Exception 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:22C019A90
The Instruction at ‘0x22C01A90’ referebced neniry at ‘0x00000000’.
The Memory Could not be ‘written’
Press OK to terminate the application


Copy protection stroke back.

Ok what do i do lol


Sounds like some sort of software conflict rather than anything to do with the copy protection. I suspect that it will also occur from time to time running the game from the original disc.

Sorry Da_Taxman, didn’t know this is/was against the rules.

Now I know. :wink:

:frowning: Oh well thanks for the help :smiley: .I have contacted blizzard about the problem and they just told me to not to play custom maps. Also they said to download the patch.

Thanks anyways :cop: