Warcraft III - Game Protection NOT detected

I’m a noob here and trying to backup my Warcraft 3 and Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, so I can play it on my laptop that does not have a cd-rom drive (one of them ultraportables) with Daemon Tools.

Anyhow, after reading the “Offline Help Guide” and searching this forum/google etc, I tried various copy protection identifying tools. All, but one reported no copy protection on my Warcraft 3 disc. The following failed:

  • A-ray Scan
  • Copy Protection ID 5.0c
  • YAPS

The only one that discoverd it is the dated ClonyXXL (unfortunatly in German) as Securom NEW. All game lists reports either SecuROM 2.6x or 2.8x.

I remember the last time I did this I used Alcohol and picked the Securom NEW profile, but vaguely remember that I had to do something in adddition. Something about measuring the laser read time of the disc… not sure what it was. I dunno if any1 knows what I am talking about and care to explain.

Also do I need to do anything else to get this image working on Daemon Tools after using Alcohol?

Also what are the mds/mdf files? You can make this with both Alcohol and CloneCD. Are these format standardized like ISO files?

Thanks guys, I hope to be a productive member in the near future.

-siu lung

edit: Sure enought the image does not work. Mounting it with Daemon Tools and running it gives me a FATAL ERROR???

Ok, I think its because it SecuROM, you can’t detect it from the CD easily. So you have to scan the exe and find out through there. ClonyXXL can be switched to English, but I wouldn’t use it anyway. You should be able to mount this version of SecuROM onto a virtual drive no problems or special measures, but seeing as you get a FATAL ERROR, have you tried running it from the original? If it does this, then its your specs that are the problem, but if its not, report back. MDS/MDF files are native to Alcohol 120% I think, CloneCD must of caught on the benifits. ISO files are fairly ordinary, and not no.1 choice for copy-protected images.

Hope this helps :wink: .