Warcraft III Frozen Throne

Hi, I use a plexwriter premium v.1.05. Now, I’m trying to make a backup copy without any kind of emulation.

I tried using blindwrite to do this. It worked well with the bwa file, but it only work into a plexwriter premium… Not very good…

Next, I tried using the method with clonecd explained here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=78259

my plexwriter read it, but the game refuse to play (please insert cd) (even with “hide-cdr media” enabled).

Now I’m wondering how to copy that protection scanned as securom…


(btw, as I said, I don’t whant anything stating that I need to install alcohol and use rmps emulation and such stuff…)

Hi nodiaque,

BlindWrite 4.5.7 in combination with your PlextorPremium will do the job perfectly. Maybe your created or downloaded BWA isn’t a high quality one. Take a look here for a nice one. Use slow speed (4x) for dumping the image and extract subcodes. For writing slow speed (4x) is also recommended. I’m using the same soft- and hardware and never got problems except I got a less qualitity BWA. Don’t forget to hide ATIP if you’re running the backup from your CDRW drive. Good luck :).