Warcraft III Frozen Throne Problem

I am completely lost as to what the problem is. I can play the original WCIII but if I try to play the expansion it only detects the official paid for store CD 1 out every 100 tries. It’s only worked 3 times. The CD installs the game fine and autoruns when inserted, but when I try to play it tells me to be sure the CD is inserted. Which it is and always is. I put actual alcohol on the CD once and amazingly it worked when I tried it that one time. It was a one time trick.

So now I DL’d Alcohol 120% to try and just copy the CD to my hardrive, but I am a complete noob and haven’t the first clue as to how to get it working. Could someone here help me out or point me towards some information as to how to get FT onto my comp and playable without the screwed up cd or cd drive, whichever’s causing the problem?