Warcraft III Frozen throne problem



I have a .bwt image of this, burnt it under blidnwrite and it doesnt work, just tells me “isnert correct CD or whatever” so ive decided to do a burn with alcohol. I selected the .BWT then when i try and select the Secorum *NEW 4.x/5.x it gives me this error

“No RPMS info in the source. you are not able to make a copy using this datatype!”

How do i get around this and burn a 1:1 of my frozen throne?

I think i got my original copy working using emulation once, but when i tired again it wont work :frowning:

Please help!


Create a new image from your original using Alcohol 120% and the SecuROM *NEW 4.x/5.x Datatype.
Your .bwt image is missing the information required to make a successful backup.


Isnt there a way to get the blindwrite image working with emulation or something?


There is a way to get A blindwrite image to work with emulation.
Your .bwt image is missing the information required to make a successful backup.

Recreated the image from your original.


Can you tell me how to emulate this already burnt CD since im low on CDRs as it is.


Your already burnt cd is bad and cannot be made to work.

Whilst it is often possible to make a type of working copy of a securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x protected cd from a non-working copy, I’m not going to tell you how because-

[li]It’s easier to do from an original.
[/li][li]You’d need another cd anyway.
[/li][li]Doing so would only promote piracy since it would only be in extremely rare circumstances for there to be a valid reason not to use the licenced original cd to make the back-up copy.

In short, as KitnaIsntHappy has advised, make a fresh back-up from your original cd.



I made a fresh backup from my cd and burnt using alcohol but it gave me some crpa about RMPS emulation with alcohol?

Luckily i didnt get that error again

Also i didnt want to use this cd again since its already bashed up enough, pretty lucky it read.