Warcraft III and ASUS CDRW-1610A

Hi Guys.
Hope someone can help me.

Yes, I am trying to backup Warcraft III and not having any success. Bedore I get flamed, yes I have searched the forum already be resorting to this as a last desparate plea.

I am running Athlon 1800+ on ASUS A7V266-E mother oard with 512MB RAM, 80GB HD, and ASUS CRW-1610A, running on WinXP Pro. I have been trying to used CloneCD to backup Warcraft III using the Securom profile. I have tried many permiations but without success.

I have tried 2 versions of CloneCD v4.0.1.10 and v4.1.0.1 without success. I normally use the profile supplied by this forum with great success. I have tried SecuRom.ccp", “SecuRom [NEW].ccp”, “Lite-On SecuRom [NEW].ccp” and “Game CD.ccp” - all with no success. In the most, I have being burning onto an ASUS CDRW 74min disc so as not to make a pile of coasters a couple of meters high. I have tried burning to several No-Brand 700MB CDR also with no success.

For other games I have backed up, using CDRW media has never been an issue.

When first attempting to backup Warcraft III, I had installed it and was running the latest patch 1.04a. I was using CloneCD v4.1.0.1 and the above profiles without success. Then I thought it might be due to the patch. When trying to use the backed up copy, I was using CloneCD’s “Hide CDR Mëdia”. Everytime when trying to run the game using my backed up copy, it would ask to make sure that the proper disk was in serted ointo the CDROM.

Thinking it might be an issue due to the latest Warcraft III patch, I unintsalled COMPLETELY Warcraft III and then tried to make a backup copy. Using again versions v4.0.1.10 and v4.1.0.1 of CloneCD, using all the permations of SecuRom - again no success.

This time when I tried to installed from my attempted backed up copy of Warcraft III, it would say that either “autoplay.exe” or “install.exe” was corrupted.

I know the Asus CDRW-1610A has CloneCD’s full 2 sheep for Buffer Underrun and Correct EFM Encoding. It should work.

I have tried using the “Securom.ccp” profile but reading and writing on x4 speed - no success.

Am starting to hit the brick wall and getting a concussion from repeatedly banging my head into it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Guys.
Further follow up.

I discovered after my original post that i had NOT turned of Hide CDR Media while trying to copy with the SecuRom. SO I turned it off, but still had the CloneCD system tray running - but again no success.

So I downloaded a trial version of Alcohol 120% and tried this. BUGGER still no success.

Have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Ahhh … I nearly forgot. I have running Nortons SYstemworks Pro 2002 with the Anitvirus running at startup. The Antivirus AutoProtect features is running normally at startup. In a bid to make a successful backup, I have disabled AutoProtect and still no success.

Hi Guys.
Another update.

Tried different media. Was using most a CDRW from ASUS (came with burner). Had previously tried

GoTech Computerware CDR 1x-24x 80min/700MB media - no success. Tried Imation CDR 1x-48x

700MB/80min and still no success.

Using CloneCD v4.1.0.1, could use CloneCD’s virtual drive and the read image to at least install

the game. But when tried to play the game of the virtual drive, refused to start - "insert the CD

etc". This time when burning, I made sure “Hide CDR MEdia” was turned OFF and I had did a cold

boot of my machine with ClonCD’s tray NOT automatically starting. Making coasters that can nearly

stretch across the pacific ocean !

Bugger bugger bugger !!!

The more I read through other peoples posts, the more despondant I get. Seems although have a good reader/writer combination, just refuses to make a 1:1 backup for me.

One last thing - the original I am trying to backup is from Australia (where I reside) if that is

any help.

I havge now tried CloneCD v4.0.1.10 and v4.1.0.1 as well as Alcohol 120% v1.3.5 build 1112. All making coasters. Is it possible that the version of SecuRom on Warcraft III for Australia is using the latest version ? Without using a Hex editor, what is a simple way of finding out ?

:confused: :confused: