Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (Expansion)

is there a way to make a copy of this title that will work without atip hiding or any kind of emulation (without a plextor premium drive)? discjuggler maybe? or am i retarded and the atip issue is something separate from the ‘accuracy’ of the copy? edit apparently this is possible with clonecd + twinpeak because my copy is working fine without any atip hiding. i haven’t downloaded any patches for warcraft 3 / frozen throne though. this might have something to do with it as newer versions of the game use newer versions of securom

will a valid image (ie one that will work once burned to a disc) work when mounted with daemon tools, or only when burned to an actual cd? edit the answer to this is no, the image must be burned to a physical cd to work.

btw sorry if these are answered in faq’s/guides, but i have done a lot of reading and don’t recall coming across answers to these questions.

SUCCESS! :slight_smile:

just made a working backup of frozen throne using clonecd + twinpeak with the frozen throne bwa file from portmac’s site.

drive: lite-on LTR-48246S
twin sector step set to 15
burn speed was 8x

i <3 cdfreaks

edit this copy works without the ‘hide cdr media’ function enabled in clonecd. alcohol 120% is not installed in my system, but daemon tools is. dunno if that would effect it or not.