Warcraft 3: ROC/TFT

I have a hard copy of these dics, but am having a hard time creating a mountable image out of them.

I’ve tried Alcohol 120% w/ Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x) for TFT and Securom *NEW for ROC. I’ve also tried to make an image for ROC with CloneCD. NONE of the resulting images are mountable with Daemon-Tools. What’s going on? :a Thanks in advance.

One thing I forgot to mention: I have the DVR-111D. Is that a problem? I’ve had this problem on my bro’s comp(DVR-111D) as well.

NONE of the resulting images are mountable with Daemon-Tools

Do you mean that Daemon tools gives you an error message when you try to mount them, or that when mounted, they do not pass the copy protection check ?

They don’t pass the copy protection check. Whenever I try to run Warcraft it just tells me to re-insert my cd.

Which version of WCIII is on your original disc? There has been more than one release of this highly successful game and the copy protection is upgraded (i.e. different back-up methods needed) on later releases.


If your original (unpatched) WCIII ROC disc is v.1.14, you will need to use Securom New (4.x/5.x) datatype settings to create a working image rather than the plain Securom New datatype.

I’ve tried that as well.

^ What dpm reading speed or speeds have you tried?

1x and 4x

this should work:

  1. make an image of original TFT disk with CloneCD game disk profile max read spead
  2. use twinpeak with the 100% BWA file which you either create yourself or download from the net + the clonecd image and set stepping to 50.
  3. burn the new image (named “patched” by twinpeak) using alcohol securom new profile at 4-8x
    the 100% BWA file for TFT is still circulated on the net, you will have no problem finding it, as for the ROC you will have do create one on your own using that additional tool that comes with blindwrite (cant remember the name right now).
    Check other threads for creating a 100% BWA file and where to download twinpeak (essential program)
    I did this with my PIO DVR-110 successfully, and the clones work. Dont know about mountability though. I keep a mini image of TFT mounted with Daemon to play w/o the CD. Used to be available on the net as well.

Ahh, Alcohol 120% is saying that it cannot get the right DPM info from the disc with the current device when DPM reading speed is set at 1x and 4x.