WarCraft 3 insert CD

I have made images of WC3 and Frozen Throne that are good enought to install, But attempting to play returns a insert CD message. I have the CD’s But I also Have Toddlers. Any idea how to Bypass or fix this problem?

CD Clone 5.1
Daemon 3.0

Thanks in advance,


Warcraft 3 uses sercurom v2.8 or less (IIRC). I was able to back it up without emulation with CloneCD. Frozen throne uses a version closer to 5, so you’ll have to use the BWA or Twin Peak method unless you have a Plex Premium. Your problem here is backing up the Frozen throne.

There are guides in here:


I just used BW5Tweaker and BlindWrite to make a backup, because I understood thats what I had to do to get Warcraft 3 workiing. I also made an image of my Warcraft 3 disc and it says no cd thing.

What is CloneCD? Same thing as Alcohol 120% and such?