Warcraft 3 help

Ok i am new here and i want to back up my copy of warcraft 3 but i have a little problem.
The problem is i can install the game off the cd no problems but when it comes to running the game off the cd it comes up with a message to insert the warcraft 3 disc.
I copyed the disc with clone cd 4 with the securrom profile from here and i have a samsung 16x dvd rom and a samsung 24x10x40 cd r/rw
Please help anyone :bow:

From the sound of things, you have to do this, like 24102B owners:

Read: data subs only & Regenerate
Write: all off except buffer underrun

A search of the forum on “WC3” or “warcraft” will provide more info.

DO NOT read with Hide CD-R Media enabled

thanks futureproof i will give that a try :bigsmile:

Hi !!!

I have make successful copys of warcraft 3 and Never Winter Nights, whit my Lite-on 16102B, I used CloneCD 4, whit the Securom profiles that I downloaded from this site (thanks all)
and only problem I had was that then I copied them at 16X, it failed and the hated (insert cd) poped up, So I slowed it down to 4x speed read 4x speed write and I all worked great…

See yas

The writing speed is unimportant: I did my backup at 48x, and it works.

But because there’s only very little error correction for subchannel data, you should read it at a low speed.