Warcraft 3 help!

I’m REALLY NEW AT THIS! I want to back up my warcraft 3. Ive searched for all help, and it is all french to me.

"For everyone having trouble backing up either of these games with other reader/writers, I suggest you try either by modifying the securerom profile (which you can download from the profiles sticky) by checking regenerate data sectors or by modifying the standard game cd profile in the same manner. So long as your reader is able to read data subs accurately, I believe you will probably be successful. "

UMMM. yea, so how do I back up warcraft 3? I have no clue as to what anyone is talking about!


Well if you’re really new I suggest reading some of the thread on the CloneCD forum. In order to make a copy of Warcraft III you need a reader and writer that can read the so-called SubChannel Data which is present on the disc and part of its copy-protection. Most new writers can read SubChannel Data (check www.elby.ch for a supported hardware list) but it seems this game (and NeverWinter Nights) use an improved version of the SecuRom protection. This is effecting Lite-On drives mostly (reading is a problem) and thus we’re trying to find a solution. One solution as you described above might work (although there already have been reports on this forum that is doesn’t work) but the best way when you have a Lite-On writer is to read the disc with a different drive (read: not a Lite-On writer, the Lite-On DVD-Rom LTD-163 has been reported to work) and then write it with the Lite-On. All this of course means using CloneCD. CloneCD 4 uses Profiles for each copy-protection and we have set-up some custom Profiles for each protection (see the link in my signature). The SecuRom Profile should work for both the read and the write process as long as you don’t use a Lite-On writer for the read. You can also use the default Game Profile present in CloneCD. I suggest you download an evaluation copy from www.elby.ch and play around with it. You can read a small introduction to CloneCD 4 here. Of course it helps a lot if you do some research in our CloneCD forum… Lots and lots of information in there! If you need more help then please ask. It would help us if you tell us something about your hardware, especially writer brand and model. Good luck!

The securom clone cd thingy on your links does not work. I’ve heard that fantom cd will do the trick. Is that just a rumor? I have an AMD athlon XP 1800+ /256Ram. My RW is a Sony CRX175A1.

Thanks again!