Warcraft 3 frozen throne

can any one give me settings please to copy workin disc
read & write asus 52 24 52 burner


mr r

Warcraft III Frozen Throne is protected by SecuROM 4.8x. You should use the RMPS emulation. Please follow this guide in order to create a working backup.

thanx for that BUT for some reason my NEW ( and i got it on recomendation) burner asus 52 24 52a usb external does not read DPM.

oh please dont tell me i got a pup

ok tell me if u must

but what can i do.

i have got a nec 1300a dvd/cd burner, can i use that yto read and asus to write

any advice


Mr R

You should be able to backup using this drive. Try some lower DPM speed

Try reading the DPM info at 1x.